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In response to an Arkansas Blog item about Mayor Mark Stodola's confirmation that he would be running for re-election, a day after state Rep. Warwick Sabin announced he would run for mayor in 2018:

Although Sabin couldn't be any worse and has potential to be much better than Stodola, I have to wonder why we need both a mayor and a city manager. And why did the state Legislature decide [in a law that says that mayoral pay must be "comparable" to other city officials] that Stodola needs to make as much money as the city manager? Why is it in the state's interest to ensure that Stodola is overpaid by Little Rock?  It's sad that Little Rock doesn't even have sidewalks along major sections of Markham Street and Chenal Parkway (within the city limits). Stodola is pathetic in so many ways.


Stodola's election too many years ago has resulted in unfulfilled hopes for Little Rock citizens. And yes, I'm talking about the non-Fifty for the Future types who reap none of the rewards in our town. I agree that the current form of city government is perhaps an insurmountable obstacle to city government that would be responsive to the real, and yes dangerous, needs of We the People. The country-club crowd? Not so much, since they already have things going their way. You can pretend that different areas of town are all treated the same, no matter the income levels or political connections. And you can also pretend that @DerangedDonaldTrump is even remotely competent to do the job the Electoral College put him in.

Sound Policy

In response to an Arkansas Blog post about Sen. John Boozman's reported withholding of support for the Senate's proposed Affordable Care Act:

Just because we pay for a Mercedes and get a Hyundai with our health care doesn't mean we don't have the best health care in the world.  The best measure of any for-profit system is the amount of profit it produces, and our health care system produces more profit than any other country's.  And that would not be true if our health care didn't cost more while delivering less. Costing more while delivering less is the best way to make a profit.  Don't fuck that up, Republicans. You know who your daddy is.

Ivan the Republican

They'll find a way to buy his support for the bill. You know, something like passing his bills to rename some post offices.

wannabee conservative

In response to Max Brantley's July 6 column "Bangin' in LR" about the legislation that allows concealed weapons on college campuses, the state Capitol and places where alcohol is sold:

I have only needed my concealed carry one time in Little Rock. That time period lasted 1-2 minutes and is a flash in my mind I wish I could forget. It took the Little Rock Police Department 15 minutes to respond to my 911 call and the department was less than two blocks from my condo. It saddens me when Max and other posters on this site attack the National Rifle Association and law-abiding gun owners in this site. I really don't get it. If things really popped off in this nation you would be the first ones in line behind a gun-toting brave heart.

Rainbow Punk Troll

You are wrong, RPT. Many of those on this blog, Max included, would resent having a gun carrier save their ass. They would rather die as a "martyr" to gun violence than be saved by a person with a gun. That is why Max insists on missing the main point of the violence that plagues Little Rock. Simple minds seek simple solutions, and to Max, there isn't a problem in the world that cannot be fixed by banning guns. Black on black crime, get rid of guns. Low literacy rate in Arkansas, ban guns. Shitty attorney general, get rid of guns.  Guns are just a tiny part of the problem, and not even close to a solution. As witnessed in Chicago, which has some of the strictest, and most ridiculous gun laws, and yet their gun deaths are a matter of great tragedy.  Nothing will change unless you get to the foundation of the problem. That does include the violent subculture of youths in particular neighborhoods. It also includes taking into account the glorification of violence perpetuated by some rap singers. Account needs to be given for the fact that many of these neighborhoods and subcultures embrace violence and abhor education.

Steven E

The only things that are popping off in our country ARE the gun-toting "brave hearts." They watch way too much television and see too many movies to recognize reality. They are heroes just waiting to happen, Walter Mittys weighed down with bandoliers. In their fantasies, that is. Like the guy down in Florida that "popped" a man for texting in a movie theater before the movie even started. Like the good doctor who shot up half of West Little Rock in an effort to stop a bank robber a few years back. Like the patriot who shot himself in the leg at Gettysburg over the weekend awaiting an invasion of antifas. Like the doofus out of Carolina who trekked up to D.C. to bust up Hillary's child-trafficking pizza parlor. Like the Trump hater who shot up the Republican baseball practice. These are just a few samples of reality right off the top of my head. Damn right! Brave Heart, Dirty Harry and Rambo! Add the rainbow punk and Steven to the list. Just like in the movies, they have a script of how it all turns out rattling around in their heads. The only problem is that they don't have a million-dollar production company to fullfill their silly macho dreams. Sorry punk. In an emergency, I want to stay as far away from you as possible.


In response to Ernest Dumas' July 6 column "Trusting" on the court's interpretation of the U.S. Constitution and the history of decisions that abrogated human rights.

As a former progressive liberal, what I see today is a Democratic party that has enormous biases of their own, and that scares me no end. To wit, "prejudices": the absolute ignoring of yes, the "deplorables." No need to visit those states, Ms. Clinton; who cares about them? Well, I have been in Wisconsin and I have seen devastated towns, desperate people, who travel miles and miles every day to get any kind of work they can. And I do mean any work. Just forget about them. That's prejudice too. Let's take on "ignorance." I investigated the track record of Hillary Clinton — and I am a woman and a feminist. What about Libya? No one wants to talk about her being the architect of our bombing policy. OK, maybe that was also a "mistake"? EXCEPT, and I find this unforgivable, she had the debacle of Iraq staring her in the face. Libya is a nation of tribes just like Iraq, with the same result: absolute disaster, as President Obama called it. Tribal atrocities, slaughter and, yes, thousands of refugees, women, children. I blame Clinton for this, for pushing what she did. Stupid, and also criminal.

Investigator of both sides.



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