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Re: “Democrat leaders call for Weiner resignation

Congressman Weiner is not the only sitting member of Congress to bring shame on what was once a respected institution. However, the fact that he is not the only guilty party does not excuse his actions and my initial reaction was that he should resign for the dignity of his office and to spare his wife more embarrassment. However, if Mark Pryor and the King of the Blue Dogs, Mike Ross, say he should resign...I insist that he stay!

Posted by the walrus on 06/12/2011 at 10:25 AM

Re: “There Pryor goes again

One to go. With Blanche gone, the good Senator Pryor becomes the "Spotlight Senator" in the state and what most have known all along will become more obvious. Mark does not support core Democratic values and thus (as someone else put it earlier): What's the difference in a Sen. Pryor and a Sen. Republican Flavor of the Month? The answer is none, zero, nada...and just like this past year, come reelection time, many of us will vote that way.

Posted by the walrus on 11/29/2010 at 10:56 AM

Re: “Olbermann suspended from MSNBC

Normally, I would agree with those who say, "He broke his contract, his suspension is warranted." However, after the Court lifted all restrictions on campaign contributions in Citizens United, I would argue that Olbermann's contract is an illegal violation of his 1st Amendment rights and he should be reinstated immediately, with back pay. If the 1st Amendment is good enough for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, it should be just as good for one man's voice.

Posted by the walrus on 11/06/2010 at 8:44 AM

Re: “Where the Democrats failed

BusDriver...racism has been involved since Obama became a candidate...the constant ravings of the "birthers", the claims that Obama was a Muslim, the Jerimiah Wright outrage, the Teabaggers depictions of Obama as Hitler...all picked up by Fox News and disseminated as legitimate news! Please! This racist garbage is unprecedented...
However...there was no pushback by the Dems. Instead of keeping these stories confined to the 20% of the population who are Neanderthals and who would never accept a black man as President, the smears were allowed to fester and infect another 20% or so who became suspicious that these stories might have an element of truth about them.
The same is true for the Obama agenda. This Congress has been one of the most successful in 50 years as they have passed a Stimulus that, according to a Princeton - Moody's Study, saved the nation from a 1930's depression. Because unemployment has remained high (rather than the 16%+ that it would have been)...the GOP has called it a failure from Day 1 and the Dems have been silent. Congress saved the American auto industry but the Dems are silent. Congress finally passed a health care measure that will insure that all Americans have health insurance but the GOP declared it a "government takeover" and the Dems remained silent. Congress passed legislation that will hold Wall St. and the Banks responsible for their actions with but the Dems remained silent. I could go on and on with the significant accomplishments of this administration and Congress...equal pay for women, a credit card bill of rights, cut payroll taxes for 95% of Americans, SCHIP program to insure insurance for all children, hate crime legislation...and the Dems remained silent.
Instead of standing up and defending what they passed and explaining to Americans how these laws would benefit them...they remained silent and let the GOP define the the Dems legislative record as tax, spend, liberal...the same old code words that the GOP live by. The GOP have lied, smeared, and threatened their way to a landslide just two years after they were banished from government. And finally, when Dems began to speak...they crowed how they had "stood up to the President", "stood up to Pelosi", and worship at the alter of the 2nd other words, try and sound like Republicans.
Dems are going to get what they deserve tonight and I hope that in two years, after the American people are reminded why they threw out the incomptent GOP and their one solution fits all philosophy (tax cuts) in the first place, a new breed of Dems will seek office who are proud of what Democrats used to stand for and will stand up for what they believe in and proudly stand behind the type of legislative accomplishments that have been achieved over the past two years. If the Dems fail to grow cajones, good riddance to them.

Posted by the walrus on 11/02/2010 at 10:50 AM

Re: “An apology for Arkansas

Of course we need a deeper examination into the sociology of Arkansas that creates and tolerates Neanderthals like McCance, but Brummett's simple apology was necessary and I applaud him for it.
McCance is simply another example of if we are ever to get serious about education reform, local school boards must be relegated to window dressing or as in an advisory board, and the real decisions regarding school districts must be centralized.

Posted by the walrus on 10/31/2010 at 9:51 AM

Re: “Republicans: Still saying no

It appears that the strategy of NO was an effective one...Tuesday is going to be a "worst-case scenario" for Dems...60+ loss in House and it is beginning to piece together that 10 seat GOP pick up in the Senate.
A year ago, I would have been disconsolate but after watching the Dems run away from their accomplishments of the past two years, I understand why the "people" are buying into NO.
The people believe the stimulus was a failure...that's what they've been told...but without the stimulus, 95% of Americans would be paying higher taxes, unemployment would be 12-13%, GDP would be a negative 1-2%, and the deficit would be almost doubled. Those figures come from a study by Princeton and Moody's by the way.
The GOP, who voted for TARP, blame it on Obama and guess what, it has been a stunning success. It saved a domino effect crash in banking and of the original pricetag has dropped from $700 billion to $29 billion. The bailout of Detroit saved the U.S auto industry...without the $60 billion spent by Obama...GM and Chrysler would have gone belly up, more than likely taking Ford with them. The jobs lost would have been over a million. But, thanks to the bailout, Ford is thriving, GM is turning a profit and is preparing to make a public offering to raise $$ to pay of it's debt and even Chrysler is expanding market share. In the meantime, the government has made huge profits off the loans and stock purchases. Health care, or as the Neanderthals in the No Party like to remind you, "Obamcare" is the furthest thing from a government takeover (unfortunately). Rather, what is has done as of now is make those who have insurance more secure that they will not have it taken away by getting sick, and will force those who chose ER's over insurance which those of us with insurance ultimately pay for, to buy a into a PRIVATE insurance plan...a boon for Blue Cross, Humana,
Additionally, the savings to Medicare by eliminating Medicare Advantage will help keep the program solvent, longer. Finally, this administration and Congress reformed the credit card companies so they can't screw you over, under, sideways, and down any longer. They passed Wall St. reform which will force those companies who needed TARP, to bail themselves out if they get themselves in the same situation again...but, to guard against that, Obama established a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to protect you, the consumer, against the banks and brokers. Guess who voted for these programs? Guess who voted against them? But guess who convinced the people that these programs were failures and guess who didn't have the cajones to tell the people that these programs are working and that they are proud of passing them?
Thus, Tuesday...the Party of NO and the Party of Lies and Fear will win a huge victory but I am not depressed because those Democrats who ran away from their accomplishments are going to lose - and good riddance to them - and as the Party of Smear and Fear win majorities, they will be forced to govern and as they offer their tired old programs that offer nothing but more tax cuts for the wealthy and deregulation of big business so they can make larger profits and we can be less safe, the American people may once again begin to see the truth and remember why they threw these scoundrels out in the first place.

Posted by the walrus on 10/30/2010 at 12:18 PM

Re: “I believe Anita Hill

And these are the people who "want their country back." The people who attacked the credibility of Prof. Hill and remain firm in their support for Justice Thomas in light of the conduct of his wife and the new allegations from his former gal pal...the people who have forgotten the sins of Sen.David Vitter and will reelect him...the people who have forgotten the sins of Sen. John Ensign in Nevada and will reelect him. Yep...the people who threaten Second Amendment remedies if the President doesn't keep the government out of their Medicare????...the people who demand the repeal of socialist health care reform that will give private insurance companies 40 mllion new customers???...the people who demand an end to the out of control government spending yet support spending another $700 billion on tax cuts for the wealthy???
Sen. Carl Curtis of Nebraska famously asked, "What's wrong with mediocrity" during the hearings for Harrold Carswell. In 1970, we said no to mediocrity. Today, with Clarence Thomas and the upcoming elections as a backdrop, we are reminded that the people who want their country back fear intelligence and demand fear and ignorance in its place. God Bless America...


Posted by the walrus on 10/23/2010 at 9:09 AM

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