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  • Brantley: We are Penn State

    The independent review of the Penn State sex abuse scandal demolished the university's reputation.
    • Jul 18, 2012
  • This week's Times: The LR Tech Park

    The appearance of an organized opposition in a Central Little Rock neighborhood to expropriation of the neighborhood by the Little Rock Technology Park Authority prompted news coverage yesterday (on Channel 4) and elsewhere.
    • Mar 13, 2012
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Re: “Little Rock native to lead Oberlin College

Please note that the incoming president of Oberlin College is the daughter of public educators. Not only did her parents attend Philander Smith College, note also that her education formation occurred in public schools.

Do not allow this success story to be told without giving credit to public education. Ms. Twillie is not the product of the neo-apartheid private voucher/charter school education assault now underway in Arkansas and elsewhere across the US, and led at the federal level by US Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and in Arkansas by Commissioner of Education Johnny Key, thanks to their selection by President Donald Trump and Governor Asa Hutchinson, respectively.

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Posted by Thinking on 05/31/2017 at 1:19 PM

Re: “City of Little Rock passes resolution requesting state remove Robert E. Lee from MLK Day; Joan Adcock votes no

Ms Adcock's unfortunate perspective is an excellent example of why the term "evangelical Christian" is increasingly considered synonymous to "white supremacist."

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Posted by Thinking on 12/08/2016 at 3:57 AM

Re: “An open line and a time for song

For "flyairplanes" and any other "get over it" thinkers, here goes.

I don't owe you a reprieve. I'll never give you one.

You aren't getting off the hook for nominating, cheering, electing, and now being forever identified with a white Christian nationalist, racist, sexist, misogynistic, imperialistic, homophobic, xenophobic, and cavalier military adventuristic person named Donald John Trump to become the 45th President of the United States.

You knew he was a white supremacist.

You knew he was a bigot.

You knew he was a fear monger.

You knew he was a hate monger.

You knew he cheated in his business deals.

You knew he was a narcissist.

You knew he was a misogynist.

You knew he was, and is, a sociopath with no sense of empathy, remorse for the wrongs he commits and harms he causes, and no commitment to inclusion, justice, peace, and truth.

So I will not "get over it."

I will respect your deliberate choice to impose fascism as the governing principle for this nation.

And I will see your fascism, and raise you a Constitution.

I bet that the First Amendment which ensures your freedom to elect a fascist also guarantees my freedom to oppose, protest, and work to frustrate and defeat his fascist ideas, policies, programs, and people by any legitimate means necessary.

I bet that the First Amendment that ensures your freedom to embrace white Christian nationalism guarantees my freedom to denounce white Christian nationalism as heresy to the religion of Jesus and the love of God.

I bet that the First Amendment that ensures your freedom to publish hateful messages and spout xenophobic slogans ensures my freedom to publish messages of love, inclusion, and hospitality.

I bet that the First Amendment that ensures your freedom to embrace cultural destructiveness, incapacity, and blindness, and pre-competence guarantees my freedom to embrace and affirmatively practice cultural competence and proficiency.

I bet that the 14th Amendment guarantees of equal protection under the lgoaw and due process of law apply to the people Donald Trump's white Christian nationalism chooses to treat as inferior, undeserving, un-welcomed, and targets of politically-sanctioned terrorism.

I bet that we who rejected Donald Trump's fascist ideas and rhetoric during his campaign will resist his fascist policies, programs, and the people he chooses to implement and represent them.

Get over it? You must think the Trump election means I'm obliged to accept the "Trump Revolution" and meekly go along with its fascism, racism, militarism, imperialism, xenophobia, materialism, and techno-centrism.

Not hardly.

The radical and extravagant love of God that inspired Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to call for a "radical revolution of values" inspires and equips me to mount a counter-offensive against the evils promised by Donald Trump and white Christian nationalism.

You wanted a revolution. News flash. Mr. Trump and white Christian nationalists have declared war on love, truth, hospitality, mercy, justice, liberty, and peace.

I'm not going to "get over it." I'm not going to allow you to do so either.

I know that love trumps hate.

Game on.

17 likes, 2 dislikes
Posted by Thinking on 11/14/2016 at 1:21 AM

Re: “Darkness falls; reefer anyone?

This result is a backlash by the proponents of white nationalism, white male supremacy, crass materialism, and military adventurism. Call it the Second Civil War. This time, the white supremacists won.

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Posted by Thinking on 11/09/2016 at 5:09 AM

Re: “The Election Night blog

Judging from the state of the election returns as November 9 begins, it is clear that Hillary Clinton's supposedly certain victory and Donald Trump's supposedly certain defeat was wrongly predicted.

It appears improbable that Clinton will overtake Trump's leads in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. She must do so and also win Minnesota to surpass 270 Electoral College votes. It seems more probable that Trump will hold his leads in each of those formerly sure Democratic states.

Remember Germany and 1933 when the Nazi regime came to power under Adolf Hitler.

Remember the populist movement that elected Andrew Jackson.

Remember 1980 and the movement that elected Ronald Reagan (who would also have lost to Trump this year it appears).

Remember 2000 and the election of George W. Bush.

The winner of the 2016 presidential election will not be Donald J. Trump (even if he wins the Electoral College vote). The winner will be Vladimir Putin.

The losers of the election will not be merely Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine. The losers will be the people in this society who held out hope the society was on a course away from xenophobia, racism, sexism, crass materialism, and military adventurism.

Welcome to the world according to Vladimir Putin and his stooge, Donald John Trump. Welcome to the world of the Second Civil War in which the New Confederacy consists of the old Confederacy and the Rust Belt states of Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

Rudy Guliani will be nominated Attorney General.

Chris Christie will be Chief of Staff.

Leslie Rutledge will be named a Deputy Attorney General.

Iran, China, North Korea, India, Turkey, Syria, and Pakistan will become increasingly difficult to deal with.

And so-called "evangelical conservatives" will shout Hallelujah!

Expect the end of the Affordable Care Act.

Expect the end of the Dodd-Frank regulatory effort to control excesses in the investment banking community.

Welcome to the new form of "democracy" that we previously called despotism and tyranny.

Posted by Thinking on 11/09/2016 at 12:43 AM

Re: “Police release Walker arrest video; shows cops accusing him of being 'race baiter'

The comments on this string are interesting.

The video shows that the traffic stop was not interfered with by either lawyer. The police were not challenged, threatened, or disrupted in their duties.

In a free society, free people have the right to walk along public thoroughfares, including those where law enforcement officers are present and working traffic stops.

In a free society, free people have the right to disobey unlawful commands by police officers. For instance, a command from a law enforcement officer to answer questions violates the 5th Amendment. A command from a law enforcement officer to leave a place one has the right to be violates the First Amendment freedom of assembly. The lawyers had the right to assemble on the sidewalk on either side of the public street, observe what the officers were doing, film what the officers were doing, and even comment about what the officers were doing.

The police officers in this video demonstrated basic ignorance of civil rights, disrespect for civil liberties, cultural indifference (if not incapacity) concerning the dynamics surrounding police interactions with black people, and blatant displeasure about people daring to exercise their civil rights in ways they disapproved.

Thanks to the Prosecuting Attorney, the unwarranted misdemeanor charges will not be prosecuted.

Thanks to the abusive and homicidal culture that exists within law enforcement, as evidenced by the conduct of the arresting officers in this video, the Little Rock Police Department has made itself better known for cultural incompetence.

It is revealing that Chief Buckner, City Manager Moore, and Mayor Stodola wonder why black people distrust the police in Little Rock and are not eager to apply to work there. They know the answer now even if they didn't know it before this episode.

Competence is a function of two things: knowledge and skill. The ability to screw up by doing dumb stuff and then say "oops" does not demonstrate knowledge or skill.

12 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by Thinking on 09/30/2016 at 10:52 AM

Re: “LR police residency issue: Us vs. them

The idea that Little Rock police officers can (1) refuse to live in Little Rock, (2) claim that living in Little Rock is somehow burdensome to their families, (3) claim that the Little Rock School District provides educational opportunities for their families below what is available outside Little Rock, (4) claim they cannot afford to live in Little Rock, and (5) have their position echoed by the police chief says a lot. However, but none of what it says speaks well for the police chief, the LR mayor, board of directors and city manager, and the officers.

Imagine a mayor who made the same claims.

Imagine a city manager who made the same claims.

Imagine a police chief who made the same claims.

If police officers want to serve communities where they live, well and good. We should commend their commitment to be neighbors and know the people they are trusted to protect and serve.

But if police officers refuse to serve communities where they live, we should not call them neighbors. We should have enough backbone to call them mercenaries. They are not committed to the people in Little Rock neighborhoods. They do not have an interest in Little Rock as a place to live, work, raise families, enjoy leisure, and thrive. Their interest is financial.

The fault lies with the political leaders responsible for governance in Little Rock. If city directors and the mayor are unwilling to demand that police officers show enough loyalty to live among the people they are expected to serve, voters should dismiss those politicians and replace them with people who will tell police officers that Little Rock is a great place to live, not merely draw a pay check.

Little Rock residents should wonder why people who boast of their commitment to serving the public insist on being paid a bonus because they chose to live out of town. That is what the "incentive" talk amounts to. Of course, the politicians and bureaucrats who unwisely allow police cruisers to be removed from the community where they are expected to roll when officers are off duty aren't likely to admit their folly.

What a mess!

7 likes, 6 dislikes
Posted by Thinking on 07/18/2016 at 1:45 PM

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