Top residential sales in Little Rock 

For 2017.

The following residential real estate transactions were made between Dec. 2, 2016, and Oct. 27, 2017:

Rodney A. Ford and Caroline M. Ford sold Brian L. Reemtsen and Noel C. Reemtsen a house at 5241 Edgewood Road for $2,400,000.

Deborah J. McAfee sold Jimmy D. Moore and Susan Moore a house at 10 Sharondale Place, Maumelle, for $1,945,400.

Charles R. Ensminger and Lisbeth K. Ensminger sold Steven M. Anthony and Gay A. Anthony a house at 2203 Pine Valley Road for $1,900,000.

Gregory Wood and Brittany Wood sold Rodney H. McCarver and Amber McCarver a house at 14001 Ridge Point Lane, Roland, for $1,700,000.

Michael L. Talbert and Tina B. Talbert sold Joseph A. Small and Robin Small a house at 55 Sologne Circle for $1,550,000.

Jeffrey D. Weatherly and Tiffany F. Weatherly sold James W. Wallis and Patricia E. Wallis a house at 29 Yacht Club Road for $1,475,000.

James D. Klepper and Brooks C. Klepper sold Brad A. Thomas and Jodi L. Thomas a house at 2909 N. Pierce St. for $1,475,000.

Christy Properties LLC sold James L. Ward and Paulette M. Ward a house at 1 Ecurie Court for $1,389,000.

David Swindle and Suzanne McGee-Swindle sold Mark A. McMurry a house at 14325 Beau Vue Drive for $1,380,000.

Ernest E. Cline and Karen S. Cline sold Zachary Roe and Charrell Roe a house at 27 Greathouse Bend for $1,375,000.

Lee Bodenhamer sold Duane Birky and Angela J. Birky a house at 108 Overlook Drive for $1,350,000.

Clark Raborn and Katherine Raborn sold Robert Gaines and Eliza Gaines a house at 4915 Hawthorne Road for $1,295,000.

Lowell S. Jumper and Sheila D. Jumper sold Marilyn R. Nauman property for $1,210,000, street address unavailable.

Jason P. LaFrance, Stephen L. LaFrance Jr. and Linda LaFrance Revocable Trust sold Heartsill Ragon III and Claudia A. Ragon Apt. 1703 at 300 E. Third St. for $1,200,000.

Gregg L. Tarini and Brandy Tarini sold David E. Rainosek and Shuo Rainosek a house at 31 Cravache Court for $1,200,000.

Craig M. Farrell and Gretchen Farrell sold Alfred H. Herget and Brenda Herget a house at 64 Sologne Circle for $1,200,000.

Michael Sutherland and Kathryn Sutherland sold FHG Trust and Adam H. Crow a house at 2700 N. Pierce St. for $1,195,000.

2115 Properties LLC sold Louis G. Wilson and Jolene F. Wilson a house at 2115 Beechwood St. for $1,151,000.

Nancy P. Phillips and Arthur N. Phillips Jr. sold Demp Dempsey and Paula Dempsey a house at 4817 Country Club Blvd. for $1,100,000.

John W. Dickens and Mary A. Dickens sold Robert W. Bass Jr. and Deborah Z. Bass a house at 4907 Hawthorne Road for $1,100,000.

Brent L. Walker and Peri G. Walker sold Anthony G. Pignio and Rosanne F. Pignio a house at 4 Sologne Circle for $1,050,000.

John Green and the estate of Jerry N. Haynie sold Mangaraju Chakka and Kanthi Dasani property $1,050,000, address unavailable.

Dennis Porter and Tina Porter sold Raja Kumar Pola and Rajani Jagana a house at 42 Germay Court for $1,045,000.

Susan R. Woodyard and William H. L. Woodyard III (deceased) sold Craig S. Lair and 317 Property Trust property for $1,000,000, street address unavailable.

Frances M. Ross, Virginia Starr Mitchell and Virginia Mitchell Revocable Trust sold Denton Woods and Hawthorne Trust property for $1,000,000, street address unavailable.

Daniel W. Rahn and Lana J. Rahn sold John R. Taylor III and Kristin Taylor a house at 2706 N. Pierce St. for $995,000.

Bobby N. Rowlett sold Stephen LaFrance Jr. and Wendy LaFrance a house at 3 Sologne Circle for $960,000.

Michael C. Ballard and Marsha L. Ballard sold Edward W. Bailey a house at 2412 N. Fillmore St. for $950,000.

Jim Pace Homes LLC sold Michael Francis Miller and Katherine Woodward Miller a house at 355 Valley Club Circle for $950,000.

Randall W. Cochran and Sandra K. Cochran (deceased) sold Marty P. Ward and Kimberly J. Ward a house at 4 Eagle Point Drive for $950,000.

Mark A. McMurray and Rhonda McMurray sold Drew A. Baker and Tiffany L. Baker a house at 10025 Barrett Road, Roland, for $940,000.

Susan Cobb Underwood Living Trust sold Krishnappa A. Prasad and Thejovathi Edala a house at 51 Sologne Circle for $923,556.

Wells Fargo Bank sold David Nguyen and Hyuna Lee a house at 4 Waterview Court for $900,000.

Brian Douglas Noland and Ann McKenzie Noland sold Steven A. Spaulding and Melinda A. Spaulding a house at 46 Fontenay Circle for $900,000.

John D. Morgan and Caroline J. Morgan sold Ross C. Davis and Sarah N. Davis a house at 5423 Country Club Blvd. for $900,000.

Kevin L. Handley and Mary E. Handley sold Amanda Patterson a house at 75 Sologne Circle for $900,000.

David W. Rapp and Lisa G. Rapp sold Albert B. Delco and Megan L. Delco a house at 1601 N. Tyler St. for $899,000.

Scott B. Nelson and Mary K. Nelson sold William A. Rolston and Candace L. Rolston a house at 2923 N. Taylor St. for $899,000.

Randy James Construction Co. Inc. sold William Zihala and Crystal Zihala a house at 110 Orle for $897,870.

Mary M. French and the French Family Trust sold Frederick E. Barr and Mary G. Barr a house at 1823 N. Tyler St. for $890,000.

Robert G. Clancy Jr. sold Donald J. Marshall Jr. a house at 56 Deauville Circle for $875,000.

McK Yoo LLC sold Han Cho and Grace Cho property for $870,000, street address unavailable.

James G. Tucker and Betty A. Tucker sold Timothy P. Keil and Stephanie J. Keil property for $855,000, street address unavailable.

James B. Conner sold Lawrence K. O'Malley and Ryan M. O'Malley a house at 17 Sunset Drive, Cammack Village, for $850,000.

Jason Garner sold Joshua D. Dilley and Meredith A. Dilley a house at 5427 Southwood Road for $850,000.

Chenal Valley Construction Inc. sold Tracy Nymeyer and Hugh Nymeyer a house at 100 Eagle Pass Cove for $849,000.

Lamay-O Inc. sold Daniel Borja-Cacho and Tiffany Metzger a house at 28 Orle Circle for $845,117.

Lelland A. Kinnaman Jr. and the 1998 Kinnaman Family Revocable Trust sold Randall Pulliam and Leisa Pulliam a house at 10 Vantage Point for $843,400.

John C. Lessel and the Roescheise Family Revocable Living Trust sold John R. Walker and Betsy M. Walker a house at 2200 Country Club Lane for $840,000.

Roy D. Mellor II sold Matthew Marks a house at 5114 Sherwood Road for $840,000.

Lamay-O Inc. and Martin Signature Homes sold Robert Woller a house at 19 Bella Rosa Court for $839,900.

Thomas H. Dickinson and Anna C. Dickinson sold John Dean and Allyson B. Dean a house at 2115 N. Spruce St. for $835,000.

David C. Hubener and Brandy B. Hubener sold Andrew C. Rogers a house at 29 Greathouse Bend for $835,000.

Desmond Doris and Carol Doris sold Chad Wilkerson and Lindsay Wilkerson property for $834,000, street address unavailable.

Davis G. Fitzhugh and Camille W. Ellis (deceased) sold Jennifer K. Dalton a house at 2124 N. Tyler St. for $825,000.

James F. Dowden and Allison T. Dowden sold Daniel Heard and Emily Heard a house at 4705 Crestwood Drive for $825,000.

Robert G. Cress and Robert G. Cress Trust sold Gregg L. Tarini and Brandy H. Tarini property for $820,000, street address unavailable.

Brianne F. Bush and Brian A. Bush sold Paul S. Kingsborough and Karen J. Kingsborough property for $818,750, street address unavailable.

Dennis S. Grandle, Debra S. Grandle and TJRB Joint Revocable Trust sold Jennifer L. Hunt a house at 13810 Marina Drive for $810,000.

Elizabeth A. Gill sold Thomas Dickinson and Anna Dickinson a house at 20 Glenridge Road for $810,000.

Laura A. Taylor sold Joseph S. Konrad and Megan Chang a house at 2816 N. Fillmore St. for $800,000.

John P. Russell, Carolyn U. Russell, John and Carolyn Russell Family Trust sold Aaron D. Gamewell and Nola R. Proctor property at 32701 Kanis Road for $800,000.

Kingsley J. Glasgow sold Gerald McNamer and Mary McNamer a house at 35 Hallen Court for $800,000.

Michelle L. Calhoun sold Robert E. Lyle and Carlene W. Lyle a house at 47 Trotter Lane for $800,000.

Wayne Woods and Linda Woods sold Tod Swiecichowski and Marianne Munro property for $800,000, street address unavailable.

Charles E. Richesin II and Emily C. Richesin sold Kirk A. Reynolds and Kimberly K. Reynolds a house at 11901 Fairway Drive, North Little Rock, for $782,500.

Jennifer Glasgow and Jennifer T. Barrett Revocable Trust sold Thomas M. Mehaffey and Sheila W. Mehaffy a house at 1811 River Heights Drive for $780,000.

Bradford Square Arkansas LLC sold Katherine D. Mauldin and Stanley K. Browning property for $780,000, street address unavailable.

Bolton T. Harris II and Max Harris Revocable Trust sold Gladys S. Whitney property for $764,000, street address unavailable.

Beth P. Leake sold Ricki Fram and Robert Johnson a house at 4820 Country Club Blvd. for $760,000.

Susan M. Miller and HB 830 Revocable Trust sold Jacqueline R. Caldwell a house at 3 Liveree Lane for $755,000.

James A. Smitherman and Elizabeth Smitherman sold Jason S. Holsclaw and Abby A. Hughes Holsclaw a house at 4723 Crestwood Drive for $753,000.

Robert C. Greer and Shanon L. Greer sold James Hill and Virginia Hill a house at 18 Orle Circle for $752,000.

William T. Marshall and Peggy T. Marshall sold James Boliver Conner Unit 1002E at 1 Treetops Lane for $750,000.

Robert D. Trammell and Margaret R. Trammell sold Samuel D. Smith and Nancy G. Smith a house at 22021 Denny Road for $750,000.

HA Custom Homes LLC sold Krishna C. Mylavarapu and Naga S. Addepally property at 41 Mirabel Court for $750,000.

Dominik Mjartan and Georgia Mjartan sold Rebecca Sandoval a house at 6100 Longwood Road, Cammack Village, for $750,000.

Dan R. Robinson II and Marylee H. Robinson sold Gain Robinson and Donna Robinson a house at 7 Longfellow Lane for $750,000.

Judith Baldwin sold Steve A. Ratcliff property for $750,000, street address unavailable.

South Lookout Ltd. sold David B. Davis and Nancy K. Davis a house at 3939 S. Lookout St. for $740,000.

Jonathan Bricker and Jennifer B. Bricker sold Gregory Wood and Brittany Wood a house at 5417 Stonewall Road for $739,900.

Richard D. O'Brien and Paula G. O'Brien sold Martin B. Silverfield a house at 4311 Country Club Blvd. for $737,000.

Stuart P. Miller and Mitzi K. Miller sold Christie Grumbos and Deno Grumbos a house at 12 Somersett Court, Roland, for $730,000.

Mark A. Langston and Ann M. Langston sold Madison McClellan and Kelsey McClellan a house at 1 Iron Horse Road for $729,000.

James C. Yuen and Lynda P. Yuen sold Joe W. Potter and Sylvia Potter property for $729,000, street address unavailable.

Ross C. Davis and Sarah E. Davis sold Andre M. Wineland and Emily E.B. Wineland a house at 4900 Club Road for $725,000.

Brad Thomas and Jodi L. Thomas sold Louis Etoch and Ida L. Etoch a house at 5911 Stonewall Road for $725,000.

Robert M. Cearley and Sarah T. Cearley sold Lowell S. Jumper and Sheila D. Jumper property for $725,000, street address unavailable.

SWLR Properties LLC sold Lorre Moore-Parrish a house at 54 Germay Court for $718,000.

Jeff Fuller Homes LLC sold Samuel L. Evans and Jodeen Heltenberg Evans a house at 5226 R. St. for $717,100.

Frank T. Ramey and Linda S. Ramey sold Samuel E. Bledsoe and Kelly King Bledsoe a house at 37 Bretagne Circle for $710,000.

Shawn R. Grotte and Elizabeth W. Grotte sold Lindsay R. Makris and Nicholas K. Makris property for $709,000, street address unavailable.

Stevens Commercial Contractors Inc. sold Brenton R. Flaherty and Stephanie S. Flaherty property at 85 Hallen Court for $701,200.

Daniel L. Heard sold Craig M. Farrell and Gretchen Farrell a house at 79 Valley Club Circle for $695,000.

Dante P. Jacuzzi Jr. and Cheryl Squires sold John Lacey and Hope Lacey a house at 55 River Ridge Road for $689,000.

Johnny V. Pattillo and Frances M. Pattillo sold Rhonda Gentry a house at 14 Edswood Court for $685,000.

Andrew C. Rogers and Jessica A. Rogers sold John N. Clark and Kristin D. Clark a house at 5509 Sherwood Road for $685,000.

D. Rich Cosgrove and Nancy Green sold Faye G. Alexander a house at 14 Piedmont Lane for $679,000.

Simmons Bank and Lorraine Emma deBlanche Trust sold David R. Swindle and Donna S. McGee-Swindle a house at 1 Coray Court for $675,000.

Julia M. Watkins sold Ryan A. Ainsworth and Sharon Ainsworth a house at 11912 Fairway Drive for $675,000.

Richard D. Remke and Patricia A. Remke sold Geoffrey H. Niebaum and Katherine L. Niebaum a house at 17 River Ridge Circle for $675,000.

Thomas A. Mars and Betsy K. Mars sold William Wadsworth and Ashley Wadsworth a house at 31 Maison Drive for $675,000.

Thomas S. Russell sold Jeffrey Thessing a house at 8 Glenleigh Drive for $675,000.

Andrew T. Mentzer Sr. and Katherine L. Mentzer sold Vanessa M. Weiss and Paul S. Donagher a house at 2705 N. Pierce St. for $660,000.

Gerald R. Burger and Willodean Burger sold Suresh O. Shah and Rohini S. Shah a house at 6 Lakewood Park Drive, North Little Rock, for $660,000.

Tyler Kirk sold Henry A. Barham III and Jeanne Z. Barham a house at 4801 Crestwood Drive for $655,000.

Benton D. Brandon III sold James D. Holloway and Victoria A. Holloway property at for $655,000, street address unavailable.

Cynthia Kay Fisher and Robert M. Fisher Jr. sold Steve C. Rucker and Alicia C. Rucker Apt. 1203, 315 Rock St., for $650,000.

Shannon D. Palmer and Denise G. Palmer sold Chanda C. Chacon and Carlo E. Chacon a house at 12 Glenleigh Drive for $648,700,

Bryan Fuller and Heather Fuller sold Stephen Paulus and Mary C. Paulus a house at 17 Talais Drive for $647,000.

Christopher R. Michaelis and Colleen A. Michaelis sold Chris Palmer and Jessica Palmer a house at 30 Vigne Blvd. for $645,000.

Thomas L. Jones sold Aaron Spann and Ashlin Spann a house at 42 Pebble Beach Drive for $640,000.

JVRC LLC sold Joshua L. Pettus and Audra W. Pettus a house at 5416 Edgewood Road for $639,550.

Graham Smith Construction LLC sold Adam C. Glasier and Alexandra Glasier a house at 27 Ensbury Place for $637,278.

Dustin Heard Homes Inc. sold Virginia A. Mullins a house at 1 Weatherstone Point for $636,000.

Robert T. Maxson and Amy Maxson sold David C. Hubener and Brandy B. Hubener a house at 3008 N. Pierce St. for $635,000.

Michael Ballard and Marsha Ballard sold Ashley B. Jackson property for $635,000, street address unavailable.

Ralph Patterson and Elizabeth H. Patterson sold James G. Tucker Jr. and Betty A. Tucker Apt. 1411, 315 Rock St., for $634,000.

Mike Kuhn Construction Inc. sold Brian L. Hohertz a house at 3 Accadia Court for $633,400.

William T. Coker sold William H. Edwards Jr. and Cynthia A. Edwards property for $632,900, street address unavailable.

Martin C. Bynum and Amber B. Bynum sold Neil Morton and Sharyn C. Morton a house at 5800 S. Country Club Blvd. for $632,500.

Ventures Trust 2013-I-11-R sold Jessica A. Gaston and Kody Gaston a house at 155 Courts Lane for $632,000.

Dillon Group Inc. sold Justin E. Garrison Jr. and Megan S. Garrison a house at 116 Ensbury Drive for $630,000.

Jeremy Lewno and Hadley Lewno solds Paolo Lim and April Lim Unit 1307, 300 E Third St., for $630,000.

Russell Bryan and Kendra Bryan sold Sara Blair and Tyler Blair a house at 15 Ferncrest Drive for $625,000.

James Wood and Brandy Wood sold Eric Wippo and Mary M. Jones a house at 1701 N. Palm St. for $625,000.

James H. Landers and Linda J. Landers sold Porter Briggs and Diane Wilder a house at 2421 N. Jackson for $625,000.

Suzanne L. Bradshaw sold William D. Cavin and Mary B. Cavin property for $625,000, street address unavailable.

Regions Bank sold Edwin L. Watson and Kathy T. Watson a house at 34 Vigne Blvd. for $620,000.

Charles L. Lewis and Sue B. Lewis sold Jeffrey K. King and Ginger D. King a house at 42 Vigne Blvd. for $617,500.

Todd A. Greer and Charlotte L. Greer sold Keith Collins and Lindsey Collins a house at 100 Somersett Lane, Roland, for $615,000.

Parkinson Building Group Inc. sold Daniel M. Parkinson and Allyson Parkinson a house at 16 Weatherstone Point for $615,000.

Omon F. Hill and Cynthia Hill sold Hal E. Palmer a house at 2 Maisons Drive for $609,000.

James N. Kennedy III and Hollis Kennedy sold Alexander Daniel and Elizabeth Daniel property for $600,000, street address unavailable.



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