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Recent Comments

Re: “Something for nothing

Yet I don't really feel like i'm suffering. There is really no good way to prop up or justify this old business model you seem to be championing. Downloading and so called piracy is real, it will always be a reality, you cannot stop it, that genie is out of the bottle and it is not going back in, and really why would you want it to? We have a great opportunity as creative people living in these times, we get to discover a whole new way of handling transactions with the people we are allegedly trying to connect with that is outside the framework of giant corporations and entertainment institutions that have been steering content to the lowest denominator since they discovered it would sell. This isn't like some new thing that happened all of a sudden when the internet was born.

You even include several reasonable indictments of media companies and how they operate within your sort-of-defense of them, like:
"...executives aren't interested in these anomalies because executives are fearful and running publicly traded companies and, instead, are looking for a fixed game."
Exactly, and that is why you shouldn't play that game. If these people and their motives suck so bad, why try to defend them? Screw them.

Maybe we have to start looking at movies and music and games as something you do because you love to do it, or because you may have something important to say. If you want to make money off of entertainment or art, I suggest you get to thinking about entirely new business models because the old one is dead and gone. There are people doing this, you just might have to look around.

You do raise a good question though: "where will you get your entertainment that is not pure product?" The answer is everywhere, the answer is at film festivals, the answer is on sites like youtube, the answer is in the corner bar plugged into amplifiers with cardboard boxes of cds and screened shirts, the answer is anywhere you look for it. Hollywood is dying, and that is okay, cheers to the death of the movie and the recording "industries."

Posted by totheground on 10/21/2010 at 9:19 AM

Re: “A facelift for Browning's

Wow, a bank executive with no restaurant experience at all buys up a local restaurant, hires a company in another state to manage it, and is already looking to franchise before the doors even open, what is that sound? Oh that's just THE SUCKING SOUND OF THE ALREADY CRIPPLED SOUL OF THE HEIGHTS DYING. Hey why don't you just put in another Starbucks up there while you're at it, or heck another bank, the heights COULD NEVER HAVE ENOUGH BANKS APPARENTLY.

Posted by totheground on 10/11/2010 at 12:14 PM

Re: “Rapping for Keet

Like bringing a franchise restaurant to Arkansas is some great achievement. Jobs, anyone who starts any business is bringing jobs, I could have a lead paint/kepone factory that creates jobs but that doesn't mean it's a good thing on it's face.
Conservatives love talking about jobs to the point where it doesn't really mean anything anymore. Yay more crap jobs no one living here wants to do in a "right to work" state! Less rights for workers! Woohoo! Rapping conservatives, jesus what is next?
"All you 'socialists' are out of the norm, now we need to go repeal healthcare reform"
"In my luxury car, maybe i'll let you park it, screw regulations I love the free market"
"You can have equal rights, but not if you're gay, like Lee Greenwood said GOD Bless The Usa"
"I used to have a chain and it was the bomb, until Beck said sell it on"
"Love my money to the max but i'm greedy so eliminate the capital gains tax!"
"Regulations and taxes are out of the picture LET THE POOR GET POORER AND THE RICH GET RICHER!"
Wait this is fun, I could see why someone would be a conservative rapper, you have your talking points and you just stick to them.

Posted by totheground on 10/01/2010 at 10:28 AM

Re: “Lincoln's fair attack on 'Fair' Tax

Yet as income goes up, consumption does not go up relatively. It is fantastically easy to save mass money when a mere nanofraction of your income goes to pay for anything remotely related to keeping you alive. It's why a flat tax is nonsense and it's why your so called "fair tax" is nonsense, this allows the super wealthy to hoard fantastic unheard of fortunes, much of which will go back into funding anti estate tax legislation so they can all create their little neo feudalist dynasties. As if it weren't bad enough.

Your boy Warren Buffett also said "I'm not paying enough in taxes, and neither are my fellow billionaires"

The real question is if you rich guys are suffering so bad under taxation then WHY AREN'T YOU SUFFERING SO BAD? Want to cling onto all of your precious little dollars? Want to establish a dynasty? TO THE GROUND I SAY.

Posted by totheground on 09/29/2010 at 1:38 AM

Re: “Lincoln's fair attack on 'Fair' Tax

"I'll make more, give more to charity and poor people. Invite you to my parties and you can fly all over the world on my plane because i Like, love and respect and need you. And we're all happy and everyone moves up...RELATIVELY. LIFE'S NOT FAIR."

Yeah that sounds great... for you.

Just personally, I am sick of this market worshipping business boner society that all these wealthy comfortable white dudes who think they know about economics are spewing on about every day, selfish little piggies. Screw your profits, screw your ceo, screw your investments, screw your property, screw all you wage slavemasters. You sound like spoiled children who just scream "MIIIIIINNNEEEEE!"all the time.
You speak a language dripping with privilege and greed, and you don't even realize it. You act like everyone gets to just choose their economic class and everyone has the same opportunities (which would imply some sort of fairness) and then turn around and say life is not fair as if it is something humans should just give up on. I hope someone is there to tell you life isn't fair when the people you condescendingly think of as "relatively happy" burn your excesses to cinders.

Posted by totheground on 09/28/2010 at 1:34 PM


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