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Re: “Benghazi TV

lets see:
A nationally syndicated journalist is publishing false information, right in your face. - but that's not important?
The president's policies got 4 people killed and he tried to blame it on some other innocent American who was exercising his right of free speech. How would you like it if the president got some people killed and blamed it on something you said?
The media eats it up, repeating the lies and not following up. Instead of asking about Bengazi when it was happening, they were more interested in asking snide, smarmy, loaded questions of Mitt Romney. Because, hey, 4 dead Americans... it’s not important.
The story from the Whitehouse changes daily. But who cares, right? There wasn't any cover-up! Just some white lies and poor judgment... a few bumps in the road.... no big deal...
The 4 people killed is as much of a big deal as the many that have died and will die for this country. They're all big deals.
It used to be that when an ambassador was killed it was a big deal.
An attack on our embassy is not like any other attack on Americans. Again, your reasoning is too shallow in this matter.
It is a big deal when the president's naive policies and "soft" approach and the idea of a "light foot print" left those people out there to die. That is completely different than past wars like Iraq, which we can debate if you really want to... but you won't like the outcome and I can prove that by bringing up the fact that Hillary Clinton, Al Gore and John Kerry along with a great number of other prominent Democrats voted to go in. So the argument of “Well Bush did Iraq” doesn’t hold water.
But hey!! Obama is so "cool."
FACT1: Benghazi consulate was attacked over a 7 hour period. This
attack was videotaped and the Obama administration in did nothing….Two seals were denied to defend the attack. They defied orders to help….Later ending back at the annex where they were killed by mortar shells despite many calls for help and even laser siting the mortar team for air assets…Incidentally the nearest help was less than 2 hours away…..
FACT2: Obama and company have been caught trying to cover up
Benghazi attack by claiming common day protesters turned violet over a
video…….WHY: They didn’t want Americans to know al-Qaeda is alive
and well, they denied help during attack and our diplomats were not adequately protected……Despite numerous request to beef up security.
FACT3: The video explanation was televised by Obamas administration on many talk shows and a UN speech……..This broadcasting of the Video incited many riots with additional deaths (mainly Muslim) …..Many Many
Muslim knew little of video until after the Obama administration mass
broadcasting of it. Clinton even went on to say she would prosecute film
FACT4: A video of our own was created apologizing for the disparaging video (the one Obama and company advertised) and broadcast in Muslim countries on tax payer’s dime!
This is impeachment material folks!!!!!!!
As a District Manager with responsibility for 19 stores with a major retail company, occasionally one of my store managers would manage to do something incredibly stupid, or fail to do something that he should have. Was it the Store Manages fault; yes of course it was; that's why each store had their own Manager.
However; when the nasty stuff hit the fan and corporate headquarters called for an explanation, they of course didn't call the store Manager; they called me; for as District Manager it was my responsibility to ensure that my Store Managers were well enough trained not to make those mistakes. As in every other walk of life, the buck didn't stop down there; it stopped here with me, the District Manager.
So now we go to Benghazi; where our military who were to protect our Embassies were ordered by Hillary Clinton not to carry live ammo, or even have it on their person; Benghazi where they didnt have enough protection; Benghazi where the attacks on 911 were not anticipated by the State Dept. but they were anticipated by everyone in the entire world; Benghazi where once under attack, and fighting for their very lives, they pleaded for help that was only an hour away. And there were many other failures too numerous to mention; you get the idea anyway.
So like me, Responsible for my 19 stores, Hellery Clinton was responsible for everyone of our Embassies; and now dont forget, she is part of the Obama Administration.
So obviously the buck stops with Hellary Clinton for failing to ensure the safety of her Embassies; and the final buck...the BIG BUCK stops right smack dab on Obamas desk!
There is simply no other conclusion.
Hillary said "I am responsible". NO MISTAKING THAT STATEMENT!
Obama said, "I am responsible". NO MISTAKING THAT STATEMENT EITHER!
Now however, the "investigation is over; and underlings are resigning in disgrace. But wait a minute, the buck stops up there with Hillary and obama... right???
But Hillary has a tummy problem (no guts); and now a bump on the head; and she's gone bye bye and is (not so) strangely silent.
Obama refuses to talk about it and Carny get super indignant.
Suddenly the buck doesnt stop with Hillary and Obama; suddenly the investigation is over; and Obama is happy as a clam and goes golfing; and Hillary is happy as an ugly old crone of a clam and disapears into the shadows until she becomes resurected in 2016 when none of this will ever come up in the main stream media; and the libs love her even though she pooped in America's punch bowl.
Oh yes, Susan Rice who stood out front and lied her rear end off is, deservedly, another fall guy in disgrace.
Does anyone believe that when Hillary takes the stand that anything will come of it?
"I don't recall....I don't remember...a vast right wing conspiracy...a blue dress?"....!
Those will be the answers from Hillary, along with a bunch of lies; and Obama will still be golfing; and his Benghazi file will end up in a drawer right beside the FAST &FURIOUS FILE!

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Posted by Tyler Durden on 12/26/2012 at 7:16 PM


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