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Re: “Attorney alleges Little Rock police brutality

I was down the sidewalk when this happened. It was the Saturday night before Halloween, everyone one was in costume so that camera guy outfit was just a coincidental costume, and everyone had cameras with them.

I didn't witness what happened in Ferneau's, but the drunk either kicked, hit, or stumbled wildly into the car who's alarm was going off when he got outside. The cop then started calmly, began to place him under arrest for what was obviously Drunk and Disorderly or Public Intox, put him up against the wall so he could properly handcuff him, but the drunk would not comply and began to fight back and resist, repeatedly. The officer didn't pick up that fat drunk guy and throw him to the ground, the drunk guy was fighting so much they both fell. I would bet the facial injury that caused the bleeding happened then, they may have even fell on the tree-planter metal grate. All law enforcement officers are trained and lawfully allowed to use a plus one force guideline such that if the offender fights barehanded, the officers can use a baton or mace, if the offender has a knife, the officers pull their guns. If you resist an officer, or even worse fight back, just expect to get hurt. No court will convict this officer of anything, and rightly so. If genius drunk had complied, grabbed the wall, and the officer pulled a baton and beat him to death, then you might have something. Nothing close to that happened.

I was with a crowd who were all watching this all happen down the sidewalk. When three drunks started crowding, pushing, and shoving the officer to the point I thought they were hitting him, I ran down, in my Halloween costume leisure suit (you wish you had one too), in effort to prevent a crowd from jumping the police officer and creating a really ugly scene. You can hear it on the tape, from the moment the drunks started getting physical with the officer, that girl was yelling about "police brutality" blah blah "this is on film" blah blah, typical spoiled brat girl talk. As you can see on the video she got down in the officers face intentionally trying to antagonize him. What sane or sober person would do that? If thats the female attorney I'm sure her state bar would enjoy seeing her in this video too. Someone make that happen. The entire crowd with the initial drunk guy were wildly belligerent, and hammered to boot.

This is not police brutality, this what happens when stupid people get drunk, and try to challenge a police officer. The whole lot of them should have been arrested, I believe at least one of the other guys was. The officer did nothing wrong other than handle an ugly situation these drunken smart people created. Kudos to the LRPD.

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Posted by UseYourBrains on 11/07/2011 at 4:28 PM

Re: “New dance club coming to Louisiana St.

A new dance club of the right type there might bring in some decent patrons, but that is yet to be determined. Downtown Music, does great and doesn't seem to bother the neighborhood with it's clientel, keeping it to a low roar.

However, it is absolutely certain that the type of people that come to the last two events at the Sound Factory on the corner of Louisiana and Capitol are running off tenants and businesses. UNBEKNOWNST TO ANY NEWSPAPER OR NEWSTATION in Little Rock (several of which are within a few blocks), there have been gunshot filled riots requiring dozens of police to don riot helmets/shields/gear and march through the streets to clear the crowds from the last two events outside the Sound Factory.

Gunfire and riots in Downtown Little Rock twice within three weeks, somehow doesn't make the news? Oh yeah, forgot, the big wigs at the media houses own a lot of property downtown, wouldn't want to hurt those property values...and what does it take to get the right people to shut these events down? a murder ever other week? With the number of bullets flying outside the Sound Factory it's only a matter of time.

My friends that live in expensive apartments/condos in that block are already moving and thats why.

You would think our trustworthy news outlets would report on such issues. But no, look at their websites or front pages and all you will see are stories about who will be the next American Idol judge, a crybaby story about a mexican joint that can't profit from mexican food, hot Arkansas summers (imagine that!), and a frozen mice recall?

Where are you Little Rock media?

Posted by UseYourBrains on 07/30/2010 at 3:36 PM

Re: “A modest proposal on freebie state cars UPDATE

I drive my personal vehicle a couple miles to work because I bought a house a couple miles from my office, a state agency. At least a dozen of my coworkers have state cars because of their high and mighty positions, and use them to commute daily to/from their homes (and most are over 50 miles away from the office). They get paid much more than the average state employee, and they get a free ride to work. On top of that, their vehicles get replaced every couple years. How does that logic work?

Meanwhile, we can't get equipment to do our jobs adequately, not to mention the state "can't afford" to give all the lowly regular state employees the lame 2.5% cost of living raise which is all we ever have to look forward to. They literally "cancelled" it. I basically took a pay cut this year, my utility companies didn't give me a break on my bills because my state can't manage it's money on a high school level. I have to make up the difference.

Cut the waste, cut it all, and embarass by name those who abuse this.

PS: someone report on a comparison of those with commuter privileges to the names that are on the Disaster Recovery Response teams that are supposed to be the only ones to actually have commuter privileges.

PSS: anyone ever heard of a motor pool?

PSSS: it's time some examples were made to scare people from trying to scam the government. It seems to be a free-for-all as long as you can get away with it then no one ever gets punished. Enough jawing, roll some heads. Unemployment is up, I'm sure lots of folks looking for jobs would work without a state car.

And lastly, these "highly qualified veteran" senior state staff are all stuck in the stone age and couldn't program a VCR, won't listen to reason, and would rather waste money than open up to new ideas that could save the state millions a year. Some new blood that wasn't trying to double dip might be just what the doctor (and the AAPERS fund) ordered.

Posted by UseYourBrains on 07/29/2010 at 5:20 PM


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