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Re: “Sinclair airs "must-run" segment on local news stations warning of "attempted invasion of our country": UPDATE

What a hellacious fool you are. Check out the evil selfish man who died today and do your research. He is burning in hell. George bush,
check out the infamous YouTube video where he proposes the planned new word order +Satan's plan. Happening now. Pushed by you. Unknowongly, I sure hope. And vision 2020 written when I was born in 1995 here in hunstville. That is, if your not too lazy to read true articles of history that are pre-planned. Also check out "illuminati card game or NWO card game" made for bush and all of you leftists to play and laugh while you create your own hell to live in and make moves towards your own abrupt ending. Please, I beg you as a so called "reporter" lol or "journalist" you should just keep your diary to yourself. because no one wants to read this garbage. You can't even maintain an article worth reading, try my keen advice and actually due your true job of informing people. Preferably of what I'm telling you if you don't want to suffer forever from the power who made this Earth and controls every plague or mysterious illness and weather happening. Trump denies climate control because GUESS WHAT??????? iTS OUT OF OUR CONTROL, ITS GODS FULL AND COMPLETE CONTROL!!!! He is trying to bring us back to God. Our roots we as a people were founded on. Leave if you don't like it. The founders would be SO disappointed in how evil weve become and encouraged and lost all of our freedom of religion. Welcome Sharia law, thanks to you. :)))))))) Wake up!!!! my dear lord all of you are so branwashed with the own propaganda YOU put out!!!!!!!!!!!
Luckily Trump refused to join the other 29 world leaders who are ready to declare the new world order, Sharia law and martial law by Russians and Chinese on YOUR DAMN HOMELAND, not to mention Muslims who already want to kill you because their damn religion instructs it. Whether your atheist or not and I know you are because all of you are ignorant fools who believe in nothing and live a meaningless life other than ruining the people looking to you for the sort of information I'm begging you to do your homework on on behalf of the American people. Oh wait you don't care about us. Leave the country or report real news the kind I'm unveiling to you. Lord forgive you for you know not what you do. I prayed for people like you who are blind to God's mercy of saving the people who should have died in the California wildfires but will soon fall into the ocean. so they might repent and turn from their acceptance of wickedness and encouragement of good people to accept it and allow this. You'll be responsible for these deaths about to happen. You have every opportunity to save these people and yet here you are, letting us die of pure ignorance that you could easily take the time to learn about if not for us, to save your own self. Reread the book of Revelations, oh wait, your blind to the signs and information ALL around you, the warnings to turn away directly being sent to us from oir merciful and extremely patient God. WAKE UP SHEEPLE they want you dumbed down smoking weed all day full- filling their missions for them. Take heed of geomagnetic pole reversal prophesized and happening NOW!!! Hopi indians, nostradaumas, visions of prophets, our own navy, pleidian aliens, which are fallen angels by the way cast out of heaven and very very real, ALL warned us as I am warning YOU. Repent! people like you only gossip, hurt people, and lead them to their own deaths. I've done a lifetime of research and done my homework. I'm 22 and an ex illuminati member, and ex me.ber of the high council, it's a royal bloodline. I could be like you. Working for them. But I Re-gave my life to Jesus Christ the one and only God today. After regretting taking part in ceremonies, rituals, and drinking blood I was forced to drink, along with a pill from Russia I was given to stay young. It's real, and my innocent Christian mother has tirelessly prayed for me to turn away and it is done. They even paid for a marking tattoo they pay for for all of their members. Of the real illumiminati, not the imagined one by those not invited. Do you really not see where Jesus died for this reason so my sins could be forgiven???? I do. With all my heart. He is giving us chances and warnings with this weather!!! To know the end first you must know the beginning. Go to the mountains, repent of your sins, and thank me, one of God's true hands on Earth who is no longer allowing cowards like you afraid of this great truth to play down the reality of this armeggedon that has already begun. I promise it's not worth it. I thought I could out trick the devil, but so did everyone else who got initiated. Listen to me. Pray for the truth in all things daily. Thats why my family will be just fine and happy here in Alabama, you can check the us millitary future map of America and see for yourself. God is ready to destroy those like you and unfortunately that's the whole world. It's people like me and Trump who is bravely fighting against the whole world and the powers that control it which are the most evillest beings you could imagine, eating babies for breakfast. He is so tough and so brave. And I pray that he continues to fight to save all of you who don't even deserve it. People like us and I today prayed to God to delay his judgement on all of you so that you might be saved and allowed entry to heaven, whether I am or not. Whether Trump is or not, we are trying to save you so you might be spared. Faith is all you need. Encouragement. quit creating doubts in the very people looking out for you and your health all who are made of the same elements you are. Flesh blood and the breath or like of God. Don't let him be so disappointed in what he created to be a paradise for us. Help those in your own precious human race. God is love.thats why were being warned of the pole shift. and Trump, who sacrificed being shunned and hated
and mocked or even persecuted for the greater good. I hate to burst your bubble but someone needs to tell you what a horrible reporter you are, but you may have a very limited time to change and do the least of the service you owe to the American people who gave you the job of informing us. Who other than someone wanting to conquer and divide people and lead them astray from the real truth we are meant to know and be reported would hire all of the liberals and Sharia law promoters like you. Shame on him, but good thing the Rothschild's directly tell him what articles you can report on so you can lie to us and get that check. :) Whatcha gunna do when you die and had the opportunity to save millions of people but instead reported on bullshit like Kylie Jenner and spreading hatred towards fellow human beings who are sacrificing their reputations for the greater good of trying to protect us from all being slaves to Russia and China. a very evil person just like you but more powerful hired me to post a blog on fake news I believed was real just like you and all of you mind controlled chaos advocates. It was back in 2012 and it was pics of the China Sea bases being built and our wonderful relationship with Russia while Obama was president by one of his so glorious campaigners on his team and a devout Hillary supporter. Simply I was hired to post misinformation I was given on a website once. They are already stationed here and moving in to take over our land. If you give any sort of damn about the people you share land with or the principality of right and
wrong you better get ready for the fight of your life. But oh wait, your an ignorant sheep who is blindly leading all of you other sheep home to devil worshippers and those with evil plans such as Hillary Clinton aka Satan's hand on Earth who lost to God's hand on Earth, Trump. Trump is SAVING America!!! God's warnings couldn't be any clearer. Do your damn research!!!! Research the NEW WORLD ORDER. Check out the map of what's about to happen, a pole shift, prophesized by true prophets, GOD, nostradaumas, and first shown to me 8 years ago in my high school textbook of the us millitary warning us of what to expect in the us millitary map of future America. Find your safe spot, well above sea level and in a no water zone and pray that God protects you if you will ever give in to your own creator. Check out the real news Where scientists are stunned by worldwide seismic activity of the earth shifting beneath our feat and the tectonic plates getting ready for mother Earth's birth pangs and rebirth. The next thing after the Anchorage earthquake will be a new Madrid fault line earthquake, creating the release of a huge methane bubble in the southern sea right below America to explode and create huge tsunami waves I personally saw in the form of clouds engulfing Birmingham, that later went viral. They developed as I entered Birmingham and I know God was showing me where it will all be sunk underwater. He told his people to head to the mountains. Take every sign from God. people in California should take their fire and earthquake warning signs too and get out before Babylon sinks in a day. Magma is seeping up heating up these tectonic plates, the desert will have plates slide under them to form mountains and mountains and civilizations on fault lines will sink. The new Madrid fault line is right down the center of America. Please at least research these things, so when they happen it will sort of make sense to all of you. People's hearts will fail out of fear and shock, Bible foretells it. I pre-ordered my xanax for when the event comes. Oh and that's what the secret societies love to call it. "The event"

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Posted by visionary on 12/01/2018 at 5:03 AM


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