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Re: “Hot Springs lawyer Andi Davis, who figured in Dustin McDaniel decision to drop out of governor's race, arrested in Hot Springs

It's about time. Hope she goes to jail and loses her law license
We all know she and her brother murdered MaXx and intend to prove it.

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Posted by WeMissMaxx on 01/16/2014 at 10:17 PM

Re: “Dustin McDaniel's dilemma grows more complicated

It is really sad that such a wonderful guy like MaXx Anderson was murdered because of as he said "his misjudgement of Andi Davis". As a person in Andi's group pulled back his jacket the night before and said "this is what happens to people that do not do what we want". MaXx told a friend that he knew they were serious. And he was scared to death. Anyone that knew MaXx knew he was so tough that one night when he was jumped by 3 guys outside a club, he had them all 3 down before the cops got there. This is not a man that would be scared of anyone. But this group scared him!

He went to Andi's house to try and negotiate and get out of the situtation he was in. He did not go over there angry. If self defense was there, it was on his part. Evidently they would not let him out. MaXx was a special guy loved by many many people! Please if you know anything that could help please call Dennis Morris, Arkansas State Police, Criminal Investigation Division at (501) 622-3689. Do not let Andi and Matt get away with this.

Also, someone might check. It was said by a very good source that Dustin McDaniels and Andi Davis broke up only hours before MaXx was killed. Could anyone find out from her cell phone?

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Posted by WeMissMaxx on 04/13/2013 at 8:38 PM

Re: “The Hot Springs woman in the paper mask

Well, I guess we all now know what kind of person Andi is, just a slut who has slept with whoever can get her what she wants and where she wants to go. She has killed or been the cause of MaXx's death. Then she sleeps with the Attorney General running for Govener and destroys his life. Who is she going distroy or ruin now? She is nothing but a murderer and a slut. I pray we get justice for MaXx and she and her brother spend their life in jail or get the death penalty. I know the case is still under investigation and work is being done on it. There are a lot of influential people in Arkansas that want to see MaXx's death vindicated with justice. Do you think we might get lucky and she will confess to the murder like she did the affair? We can hope and pray!!

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Posted by WeMissMaxx on 02/24/2013 at 12:29 AM

Re: “The Hot Springs woman in the paper mask

I have read all of the above about Maxx, Andi and Matt. Some is true and some is far fetched. All I know is that Maxx did not go over to Andi's ready to fight and angry. His goal was to resolve an issue in a calm way.

Andi was at home in her sweats because she was spending the day looking for Maxx. She sent threatening emails out to his friend telling her that if he knew what was good for him, he would show up at her house asap. There were many more conversations, texts and emails between this person, Andi and Maxx. There was a discussion between Maxx and this friend of this friend going and meeting Andi at her office with what $ he supposedly owed them that originally started out at $300 over ipads and esculated to $1300 after them adding $100 per day until it became this large amount.

Maxx was scared to death not mad. He told this friend and girlfriend that the night before Matt had pulled his coat back and there was a gun in a holster and Matt said "The is what happens to people that don't do what I want". I have never ever seen Maxx scared! Have any of you as his friend? The only reason he would not let his friend go for him was that he was scared they would be hurt like he thought he was going to be even though he hoped he could work something out.

There were many threatening emails sent to this friend that morning from Andi insisting that they find Maxx and tell him that he come to her house or he would be sorry!! Actually there was more than one of those sent.

Remember I said he went over to work things out. Andi had agreed to amount of $ to Maxx's company, Arkansas Design Group, $ for future service on the website and he took the balance between that and what they said he owed with him and was going to ask Andi to use the $900 she owed their company to take care of the balance.

One other interesting thing. Andi called this friend of Maxx's and said he had threatened to come with a gun. We all know that is bull. This person stayed on the phone with Andi until Maxx got there to be sure he had no gun. Andi said everything was fine he had no gun. If he did, his friend was going to talk to him on the phone or head to Andi's house. Andi said things were fine. Andi text and called this person several times while Maxx was at her home saying everything was ok and they were working things out. Then this person (friend of Maxx) got a call that he was after her with a golf club.

After this person went to the police with all their texts, emails and phone log, they discovered that Andi had made this call about the golf club after the 911 call was made. Was she setting up an alibi or what? Next the police got a little flustered and said that their 911 time was off and there was a mix up on the times. We are not accusing this officer himself of covering up. But, someone was!!

Everyone has asked why the attorney general has not gotten involved. They were talked to recently and they said this.

"Thank you for contacting the Office of the Arkansas Attorney General.

Please be advised that unlike some other states' attorneys general, the Arkansas attorney general has no criminal investigative or prosecutorial authority as that authority is strictly reserved to the locally-elected county prosecutors and law enforcement officers without any supervision or oversight by the Attorney General. Moreover, the prosecutors and law enforcement officers have total discretion and authority in determining which cases they choose to investigate and prosecute. Moreover, the Attorney General has no supervisory or disciplinary authority over any public or private attorney other than those on his staff. Arkansas state law also specifically prohibits the Attorney General from engaging in the private practice of law. For those reasons, we are not permitted to provide you or other individuals with private legal advice or assistance.

Nevertheless, it you believe the attorney involved in this case has a conflict of interest or has committed an ethical violation, you may submit a written complaint about the attorney to the Supreme Court Committee on Professional Conduct at the address below. Complaint forms and the rules of Professional Conduct are available online via the Committee's Internet Web site.

Arkansas Supreme Court
Committee on Professional Conduct
Justice Building, 625 Marshall Street
Little Rock, AR 72201
(800) 506-6631 or (501) 376-0313

However, our best suggestion is to contact a private attorney and/or private investigator as they are better suited to provide you with the appropriate legal advice and assistance in this matter."

So, it looks like we can't count on The Attorney General like we all hope would help. We can either contact the Arkansas Supreme Court Committe of Professional Conduct or all get together and hire an attorney and private investigator.

More on Maxx. Maxx was a wonderful person. He worked hard on ArkansasVibe Magazine. It just never turned the corner and made a profit. He started out with a large amount of $ to start it and the magazine, no matter how he worked would not make $ and was draining him not only financially but also emotionally. His day went like this: during the day call on customers and get ads, in the evening take picture and different places at town and buy clients drinks to keep them happy and build relationships. At night he worked all night until about 5:00 am in the morning working on putting the ads and articles together for the magazine. At 7:00 he would get up and take his son to school and then the cycle would just start all over again. I know many of you know this because you got emails from him at all kinds of times of the am. He was just burning the candle at both ends trying to make the magazine successful and he just burned out. Please don't demonize Maxx. He gave 150% to everyone he could.

I got good news today!! Matt has been trying to work in the car business and at two places they found out who he was and what he did and since he did not disclose it, fired him. I'm sure they did not want to lose customer because of him, which they would have. Trust me Matt, Maxx had lots of friends and they may not hurt you physically or threaten you, which I hope none have done. But, they can make it hard for you to get a job! I want to make a point that I do not mean that as a phycial threat. It's just when you have so many people against you in a town, it eventually catches up with you. Same for Andi. You really did not have a clue how many people loved Maxx in comparison to how loved you guys were here in Hot Springs!

I hope that you both see justice for what I know was an intended act no matter what you say the story is. You say when people hear the story they will understand. But, what about the nite that Maxx was at your house talking about the new bonding company you wanted to open and you were so wiped out on drugs (do not know what drugs, but something) that he had to help you stand up? This was just a bad deal gone wrong. And I truly do not believe this was about drugs like they are trying to show it was. I don't think he was perfect. But, I think this was a totally different situation than what Andi and Matt are saying it was. She is a defense attorney of course she would know every way to cover their butts.

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Posted by WeMissMaxx on 08/14/2012 at 11:16 PM


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