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Re: “Anthony Weiner is quitting

Hope everyone can start to finally see the correlation between morality and job performance. You can't separate the two. What one "is" will eventually start to reveal itself in what one "does". If you are exceedingly immoral or amoral in your so called "private' life, why would any intelligent person believe that you won't be a total scumbag while you are "representing" the American people. Why would you stop taking bribes, or taking nudies of yourself, or selling state secrets just because you are supposedly on the clock "getting back to the business of the American people" as slick willie once said while he was lying out of both sides of his mouth. It's not trying to forcefeed someone else your morality, somewhere out there - there has to be a standard, a plumb line, a measuring stick for morality. The old saying is "what's right is right" - so why can't we throw all of the bums out - democrat and republican - who are drunk on power, spending taxpayer money, going to cocktail parties, padding their personal portfolios - when they show no remorse for their mistakes - but try to keep hanging on to their catbird seat paid for by working Americans? They work for us don't they? The bottom line is - we don't want to be the bedroom police - forcing people to live like us. But if they mess up - and are arrogant and unrepentant - then they ought to get the boot - just like Wiener . Whew - feel better now

Posted by WesJ on 06/16/2011 at 4:31 PM

Re: “NPR or Falwell. You pick

I'd take Falwell over National Bias Radio anytime. What they did to Juan Williams was a downright violation of his civil rights. At least Falwell was not a hypocrite like NPR who takes money from all taxpayers, but only supports a very narrow (and small I might add) segment of America. Most of the liberals in this nation who think of themselves as highbrow and sophisticated really don't see how they have been snickered at by the majority of this country (the Centrists and the Right). Every debate that they enter has to end with their sneering, cursing, name calling, and labeling because they have no substance to fall back on. NPR is so representative of liberals in that way, they have snooty sounding commentators with very high opinions of themselves who speak like a librarian in a small, quiet voice. They believe that they are intellectuals and that they are much smarter than those in the fly over states. If they only knew how irrational and uncomplicated and ignorant their ideas sound.

Posted by WesJ on 04/14/2011 at 4:46 PM

Re: “Supreme Court strikes down adoption law

What a sad day for Americans in Arkansas! Another activist judge who steps on the majority vote of Arkansans. It's disheartening that you can go to the polls and vote on an issue, only to have powerful moneyed lobbyists hire lawyers to tear down the will of the people. Someone has to protect children and study after study shows that the best homes for producing normal and well adjusted children are those with a mommy(female) and a daddy (male). Male children need a male figure who will show them how to provide for and protect their wife. A masculine man who is loving, forgiving, concerned and caring - but is not effeminate. A man who is faithful to one wife and gives his children stability and security with his honorable behavior. Female children need a female figure to demonstrate nurture and femininity. A woman who is strong, intelligent, and independent - but not masculine. A woman who provides an example of fidelity, who makes a home for her family. People who voted for this do not hate. They aren't gay bashers carrying signs and yelling profanities. They are responsible people who only hope for and try to vote for ways to provide the next generation with the tools that they need to grow up, marry someone of the opposite sex and carry on the human race by procreating and being the male and female that the Creator created them to be.

Posted by WesJ on 04/08/2011 at 7:59 PM

Re: “Getting to know the Tea Party

http://www.gallup.com/poll/127181/Tea-Part… - Found my own poll (which proves that polls can say anything you would like them to say, if asked correctly) This poll says "BUSTING THE MYTH: Most Tea Party members are average Americans - not rich white males"
As a DISABLED VETERAN of the USAF, and a patient in the VETERAN'S ADMIN. Hospital system - I can give you folks a preview of what your "state sponsored" health care will be like. You will show up early for your appt. time and WAIT 30 minutes past your appt. time, You will see different doctors and be referred all over creation, Your appointments will be assigned for you (not much choice of when), your doctors and technicians will be grumpy and indifferent (you are just another number in the long line of people they have seen that day) There's not enough parking, not enough waiting room space, not enough doctors. You people really don't have any idea what you are asking for - personally - I wish some of you could just spend some time in the system before they vote - you would see the light!

Posted by WesJ on 03/30/2011 at 4:54 PM

Re: “Harding's subversive literature

The real issue is that people who are practicing homosexuality (which has no reproductive value and therefore is abnormal human behavior) want others to say "you're ok" - you are normal. This will never happen, because only 3% of the population in the United States claims to be homosexual, therefore over 90% (giving a few percentage point for those still in the closet) do not understand or accept being attracted to the same sex. This is not hate speech, this is fact. Many "straight" people may say - I don't care what you do in private, just don't tell me about it. But there are many more Americans who are offended by the militant stance that those practicing homosexual behavior adopt and not only don't want to be told about it - they don't want to read about it, watch it portrayed on television as normal, or have it shoved down their throat any other way. I don't have to like homosexual behavior as a Christian, but as a Christian I am commanded by Jesus to love the sinner and hate the sin. So finding common ground is ok and I would welcome a friendship with someone who practices homosexual behavior, but could never agree with it or condone it.

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Posted by WesJ on 03/21/2011 at 7:30 PM

Re: “Narrowing the constitutional amendments

That lottery is a crock anyway. Someone is lining their pockets and the dumb old Arkansans are helping them do it , all the while believing that this lottery is about helping people go to school and giving the average joe an opportunity to win big money. What a bunch of hooey! I think they should give every dime of that money (except for a streamlined staff and bare minimum costs) to kids who want to go to school if they are going to call it a "scholarship lottery." It's just like every other gambling scam - fleece the poor - put the tickets in the convenience store right next to the cigarettes and the 40's of malt liquor - and take the money from the pockets of the poor and stuff it into Mr. Big bucks behind the scene thief. You liberals ought to be more upset about this than someone trying to ask for a picture id at the polls. Saying that giving 35% of the scholarship lottery to students would bankrupt the "scholarship" lottery is laughable!

Posted by WesJ on 03/21/2011 at 7:12 PM

Re: “Republicans pass voter ID

I really don't know how you people can say "this bill is really about denying poor people and minorities their right to vote" Did the sponsor of the bill tell you, "I really don't want anyone except white people who drive cars to vote, because all white people are republicans."? How can you make a judgment about what the bill is really about? Only through your jaded suspicion about the intent of others ,I suppose. What if this bill is really about letting those who are verified as U.S. citizens - who live in the right county - who are voting in the right precinct - and who can't go to multiple precincts and vote - exercise their right to vote and denying any fakers and cheaters the ability to rob the majority in an election or a vote about issues? I am so glad that someone is finally taking a stand and protecting the integrity of the polls here in the good old U.S. of A.

Posted by WesJ on 03/21/2011 at 7:00 PM

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