At the Travelers game at Dickey-Stephens Park on June 23, KARK The Church at Rock Creek is giving away desert camo Travelers hats. Be sure to come early so you can get yours.

Then you can tell all your friends that KARK, The Church at Rock Creek, and the Travs all appear to support imperialistic desert wars.

WWJD? I don’t think He’d being giving away desert camo caps or supporting desert wars and untold death and dollars for no apparent purpose than one man’s ego.

John Wesley Hall

Little Rock


In the May 24 issue of Arkansas Times (which I have always enjoyed reading) you had a cartoon, “Orval,” which I felt was in very poor taste. I got the message but the way it was presented was absolutely disgusting! If I had wanted to read “porn” I would not have picked up your publication.

Thelma Mason


Fair Tax

Re Ernest Dumas’ column criticizing the “fair tax” proposal supported by Mike Huckabee:

Exhaustively researched by nationally known and respected economists over the past decade, there is widespread agreement that the FairTax provides a far larger base than the income tax system which benefits the economy and taxpayers at each income level.

The FairTax eliminates all federal taxes on those below the poverty level, provides a dramatic improvement in purchasing power and lifetime tax liabilities to the middle class and would eliminate both the unfair welter of exceptions in the current code and the tax advantages of foreign manufacturers that are helping to kill the “Made in America” label.

While the FairTax helps those at every income level, the greatest benefit skews to those at the bottom end of earnings. The Washington, D.C., crowd is critical of the FairTax, however, because it takes away Congress’ – and tax lobbyists – ability to manipulate the income tax system for power and profit. The President’s Commission on Tax Reform ignored FairTax research and, instead, created their own exception-riddled proposal which they then found wanting. Afterwards, the top two former senators leading this commission went right back to work at tax lobbying firms with a wink and a nod to Congress and fellow tax lobbyists.

Because the FairTax benefits each income level, it defies the very class warfare arguments mentioned in a recent editorial and has the potential to unite the nation’s income groups and political persuasions against the self-dealing of Washington.

Ken Hoagland


Houston, Texas

West Memphis Three

Recently, scores of folks assembled at the Crittenden County Courthouse in Marion. We united to challenge the injustice that was perpetrated there 14 years ago. That wrong has yet to be set right.

From all over Arkansas and across the U.S., from all walks of life, people congregated to voice a simple plea that the state apply justice in its treatment of the West Memphis Three. Facts of the legal case have been exposed in the documentary “Paradise Lost” and books like “Devil’s Knot.” A dispassionate recitation of the facts cannot and will not sustain the convictions of Damien Echols, Jesse Misskelley and Jason Baldwin.

The rule of law depends upon evidence. It demands proof beyond reasonable doubt. It requires that, first and above all, the criminal justice system rejects the rule of prejudice, the grip of superstition, the taint of intolerance and ignorance, the stink of corruption. In America, we are entitled instead to the rule of law.

Those who gathered at the Crittenden County Courthouse joined hands to mourn the 14th year of an obvious and continuing perversion of the judiciary. When the state acts in the name of justice, it will set free the West Memphis Three.

Vincent Vinikas

Little Rock

Slavery apology

Recently, Gov. Mike Beebe stated he didn’t know if an apology from the state of Arkansas over our history of slavery was needed.

History has defined slavery as much more than involuntary servitude: slavery included rape, torture, murder and kidnapping slave children from their parents, all at the master’s pleasure.

Slavery and its umbrella of horror was legally sanctioned by the courts and local government that protected and promoted this cruel inhumanity.

We as living Arkansans, individually, owe no one an apology but recognize how horrible the state’s participation in slavery was. Our state was the last to be forced to integrate and educate “black” people. Let’s not be the last to make amends. White is white but right is right.

Robert Williford


The price of gas

Now I know that gasoline taxes are most of the cost of fuel. Sean Hannity said so and proved it by showing that taxes make up about 44 cents of a $3 gallon of gas.

Not only that, but Bill O’Reilly said he thought Iraq would turn out like Kuwait.

It’s almost like the people at Fox get their educations at the University of Idiocy.

Recently a man went off a cliff in his car and died. One of the morning hosts replied that it must have hurt. The reporter repeated that the man died.

People like the above may be driving American foreign and domestic policy.

Steve Wheeler

North Little Rock

Stupid news stories

I pay a fortune for cable TV. Mostly I watch the news channels until I get mad at George Bush, then I turn to the Weather Channel.

Today, I have had a real meltdown. CNN has run an entire day of Paris Hilton and her many trials and tribulations. Judge sends the cops to take her back to see the judge in handcuffs yet! Mercy sakes, poor little rich girl. My heart bleeds for her not. She’s no better to do jail time than anyone else who crosses the line. She’s crying and taking on so much we heard the barest news about Mr. Bush’s tummy virus. Now that’s just not right.

Perhaps we could get a law passed that they play music or something of that sort when there’s nothing but really stupid “news stories” running blow by blow for hours.

Peggy Wolfe

Heber Springs



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