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Re: “Only the guilty want closure in West Memphis Three case

You do know Mark McFarland that in order to post on here, you have to have an IQ higher than Jessie Misskelly. It is just the rules, I don't make them up.

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Posted by Wyatt Who Dances With Jelly Fish on 02/13/2015 at 5:59 PM

Re: “Only the guilty want closure in West Memphis Three case

Read the transcript from the unanimous decision of the AK Supreme Court and you will find the truth. Now read, if you are an idiot, and believe Jessie Miskellys false confession, then you are just as much a moron as Jessie is.

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Posted by Wyatt Who Dances With Jelly Fish on 11/25/2014 at 6:28 PM

Re: “Only the guilty want closure in West Memphis Three case

September 4, 2014

Reports of Justice Department Investigation into Ferguson Police.

(NEW YORK, NY)— According to media reports, the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division will begin an investigation into the police department of Ferguson, MO in addition to the department’s investigation into the shooting death of Michael Brown. In response, Amnesty International USA Executive Director Steven W. Hawkins issued the following statement:

“The Justice Department’s decision to investigate the Ferguson Police Department is a welcome one. The department should also investigate any human rights abuses in connection with the policing of protests in Ferguson. It’s essential that there be total transparency and accountability when it comes to law enforcement’s use of force on community members.”

Amnesty International USA has also called on Attorney General Holder to lead the creation of a national commission to examine the use of excessive and lethal force, the militarization of police and to direct the Justice Department to collect and publish nationwide statistics on police shootings.

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Posted by Wyatt Who Dances With Jelly Fish on 11/04/2014 at 1:53 AM

Re: “Only the guilty want closure in West Memphis Three case

"Meltdown! Again an imbecile who cannot answer fucking simple questions?" That is not the problem here, as I have answered your fooking idiot question over, and over, and over again. The problem as I mentioned several times during this lovely conversation is that you are functionally illiterate, vocabulary challenged such as your idiot context of "quit pro quo," which was more than just out of context, but a completely MISUSE of context and the phrase. This is no way surprising in that you have serious literate issue of the English language, god forbid expecting you to understand the Latin language. As a consequence of your glaring ignorance, you have been officially been downgraded to a "fooking idiot." Because you are such an idiot, such a fooking idiot, you are poison, you have absolutely no business in even being in this conversation, given your extreme short comings.

"What is your excuse for Misskelleys other confessions??" You fooking illiterate, I fooking answered that many times over again.

Kids who have a lower intelligence level, as well as autism, they often take responsibility when asked about events that they had no part in whatsoever. To share someone elses experiences, a kid like Jesse was asked if he did something, and he said yes. Then they would show him a video footage and ask" is that you," and clearly it wasn't him, it was a girl and he still said YES! They want the uncomfortable event to be over. They want to tell you what you want to hear so they can go home. Now stick that kid in a interrogation room for 12 hours without his parents and I am not surprised he didn't admit to being Hitler.

The police in this investigation are to blame almost entirely. Losing evidence, tampering and trampling the crime scene, not following any other leads because of Satanic Panic. The Arkansas State Police offered to take lead on the investigation, but the small town cops wanted to be heroes. The main problem with this whole story is a bunch of small town nobody's wanting to be somebody.

"coerced by Dan stidman over 12 hours? ??
I think not!!" Your illiteracy again challenges you. Why don't you talk to the Arkansas Supremes. They can explain this whole "nightmare" much better than I can, you fooking illiterate idiot.

"Alibis?" What about Morgan and Holland's alibis? What about Hobbs's alibi? What about Burnett's alibi? Where was Sir Riordan that day? What is your alibi? You fooking idiot, you would send an 18 year old to be executed because of a weak alibi. Dear Abby, you fooking, ignorant slut. you don't even belong in the gene pool, much less the jury gene pool because you are extensively illiterate, you fooking idiot.

"Choirboy Damien's psych history?" What about your psyche history, past and present? What about mine? What about the 150 million others in this country with a psyche history? "Normal" people, without psyche histories, are more inclined than people treated with a psychiatric condition to commit murder. You are one fooking idiot.

"Do not tell me that they were just fair game for west memphis police!" The police are wannabe rock stars, trying to create a scene, rather than the scene determining itself. Every move they made, every law they broke, every smile they faked, every claim they made, every piece of evidence they mutilated, the world was watching them and they knew and they loved it. You fooking idiot, you actually believe those moron cops. Well the Supremes didn't it and I wonder why?

"They should have waited for new trial with the fresh ' evidence'..." Easy to say for a fooking idiot slut like you. If I was a fooking idiot like you, yah I would have spent another THREE YEARS just to prove to all the inbreeds, and Baptist swinging belters that I was not guilty. That makes perfect idiot sense, you idiot. But the three were not idiots like you and they were not going to hang around another 3 years to prove a point and so they wisely got out of Dodge as quick as they could, away from the inbreeds, away from the rock star cops, and bible swingers.

"The state just wanted to save the compensation money they would have sued them for and probably received as ordinal trial was to fuck...." ORDINAL, another vocabulary word that you haven't a clue to its context or use. What kind of thesaurus and dictionary are you using anyways? You foooking idiot. So you are telling me that Sir Riordan didn't prosecute because he was trying to save the state money. Well wait a minute, you and the rest of the fooking idiots think he is guilty. Are you back tracking that they may not be guilty with that statements? If they are guilty as you say they are, Sir Riordan has unconscionably let these three baby killers walk because of money.

"...like Damien to ignore simple questions!" I answered the hard question, the simple questions and the questions you didn't think to ask. I can't help it if you are a fooking retard that is fooking illiterate and all of the common sense just whizzed by you, over your head.

"There was a lack of evidence of anyone who was concrete perpetrator of this crime but that does not absolve them from the glaring truth to anyone with half a brain, that they are and always will be guilty as hell!" You just said prviously, " I agree the trial wasn't fair, errors in policing, lying witnesses ." Only a fooking retard idiot would contradict themselves so conspicuously, you fookin, retard idiot. SO AGAIN, SIR RIORDAN HAS UNCONSCIONABLY ABSOLVED THE WM3 FROM THE GLARING TRUTH TO ANYONE WITH HALF A BRAIN, WHO ARE, AND ALWAYS WILL BE GUILTY AS HELL, AND LET THEM WALK BECAUSE OF MONEY. You have no idea what the fook you are talking about, you fooking retarded, ignorant slut.

This is what I want you to do Dear Abby. I want you to go to the dentist and have all your teeth pulled, and that shouldn't cost you too much, because you only have 5 or 6 left. Then I want you to join "Bosley for Women," and have hair transplanted to your face, sporting a goat, making your mouth prepared for my big ten inch, to shove down your throat, you ignorant slut.

You haven't fooled me. Mummy and Dear Abby are the same ignorant sluts. The same writing style, the same prejudice, obsessed with the "thesaurus," ignorant of British justice system in the UK in make no defense of my claims and same illiterate and hearing problems. You are one of the same. You are playing games and your impersonations are not exactly making your arguments credible and reflect on the extremes you would go to be a fooking idiot. I am in no way surprised you would sink that low, perfect height for me to insert my member down your esophagus.

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Posted by Wyatt Who Dances With Jelly Fish on 08/29/2014 at 4:04 PM

Re: “Only the guilty want closure in West Memphis Three case

Dear Mummy,

Mummy, you ignorant slut...I suppose you’d like to conduct our foreign policy the way you conduct your private life! Hopping from bed to bed with anyone that can do you some good. Then what do you have? An old dried-out scuz that no decent man would be seen with. Is that what you want for America, for your "God Save The Queen" anthem! It’s too late for you. Mummy our country still has some dignity left, I don't know about yours.

"A lion never loses sleep, over the opinions of sheep." ?

It doesn't matter if I sit down, standup, or jump and down. It seems there is a slightly new, evolving definition of stupidity, whereby standing up, sitting down and jumping up and down, and saying the same thing over & over through your deaf, boxed ears, while expecting different results.

As mentioned several times over and over again, the "Bugger Bulger" case is extraneous and incomparable. To add, nobody cares about the "Bulger" case on this side of the pond. We hardly know anything about the case and we don't care to research your horrific case extensively to refute or dispute your version of comparable facts of the case intelligently. Your prejudice and ignorance in the WM3 case, leads me to a natural inclination and conclusion, that you are just as prejudice and ignorant in the "Bulger" case as well. For me to intelligently argue that matter, I would have to broadly research the case at the very least, which I am not unnecessarily going to do waste my time with. Your compromising intellect is not going to make believe a "fooking" thing what you have to say about Bulger or the WM3. I told you the fundamental differences and I will add a few more, such as the convicted ages are 10 in the "Bulger" and 16, 17 and 18 in the WM3. That is a huge age difference in your flawed profiling, and the differences of their emotional growth, intellectual growth and hormonal growth, which changes the crime scene and all the nuances of the differences of age. Additionally, there is a huge disparity of justice between the justice system on your side of the pond, versus this side of the pond. I mentioned this before, the codifications are vastly different, the standard of proofs are different. Profiling is not admissible evidence in this country. The judges are vastly different whereby in your country you need not have a law degree to be a judge, and who are predominantly part time judges, mostly aristocratic, and your appeal process is vastly different. The judicial disparity treats the "Bulger" and the WM3 vastly different and comparisons should not be made on that point as well. Prejudicial evidence, introduced or excluded in this country, could very well be reviewed in quite opposite directions in your country. How can we make judgments on a case when we don't understand your system of justice and we don't care about your system of justice? Even the prosecutors are different, ours are bald and your purveyors of ostensible justice wear white wigs. Our court room drama is serious while in your court drama you wear costumes to make a show of it. So your "Bulger" matter is extraneous, incomparable and in a completely different from our country's version of justice. Like I said, orange juice and apple juice taste quite different, we guzzle Coke and you sip tea. You can't argue the truths of the matter.

I told you my arguments of the Misskelley "false" confession and what disturbed me a great deal. The kid is a certifiable moron, interviewed 12 hours without his parents (AND ONLY 45 FOOKING MINUTES OF THAT FOOKING INTERVIEW WERE RECORDED. THE FOOKING COPS WERE INCREDIBLY PREJUDICIAL TO A MORONIC KID, UNDERHANDED, EGRIGIOUSLY SELECTIVE, AMORAL, BIG BAD BULLIES PICKING ON A MORON KID, WHO, THE FOOKING COPS, ARE VERY PLAINLY PIECES OF DONKEY SHAT). Mummy, don't you have a serious fooking problem with that? Do you really think it is alright for cops to bully moron kids WHO DON'T KNOW BETTER TO HAVE HIS PARENTS PRESENT. A MORON KID WHO ABSOLUTELY HAS NO IDEA WHAT OR WHO MIRANDA IS (LOOK UP MIRANDA), CAUSE YOU ARE PROBABLY JUST AS IGNORANT, AND PROBABLY THOUGHT MIRANDA WAS ONE OF THE KID BROTHER's OF WHO WAS KILLED. Are you really illiterate to what I am telling you? Do you understand the significance the prosecution placed on this moron kid's false confession, and how they obtained it, against our laws, but maybe not yours, because without it, the prosecution's case would dribble. Don't you understand our justice system in this country is vastly different than yours.

Do YOU understand that learned, educated jurist (vastly different from the uneducated, part time jurist in your country), the Arkansas Supreme justices, gave due process review of the matter according to our rules of justice, not yours, and not one of the justices, not two of the justices, not three of the justices, not four of the justices, not five of the justices, not six of the justices but all 7 of the justices, ALL SEVEN OF THE JUSTICES, determined that the lower court judge, judge Burnett got it wrong and so did the prosecutors. You would not understand this, because of your ignorance of justice in our country, that a unanimous overturning of a lower court judge, is very unusual and that there is at least one descending opinion in such high profile cases. BUT THERE WAS NO DESCENDING OPINION. Are you telling me, all the evidence that was reviewed by 7 learned, educated jurist, the highest court in red neck Arkansas, and said WM3 case was "fooked," and sent it back to Sir Riordan, and that all seven of them got it wrong? You have a lot of gall on your side of the pond, TELLING US, that 7 Supreme justices got it wrong?

As a consequence of the 7 Supreme's ruling, a new hearing for the three men convicted of killing three West Memphis boys in 1993 was granted by these 7, learned, educated jurist. Sir Riordan, WM prosecutor asked the Supremes if he could go right to trial and skip the hearing, which essentially is an open grand jury indictment, which your ignorance probably does not understand the grand jury process in our law, and all 7 of the Supremes, told sir Riordan ESSENTIALLY, FOOK NO, HAVE A HEARING. Sir Riordan knew he was fooked, and so he caved with the infamous "Alford Plea" which again your ignorance, not from our country, you may not understand entirely the ramifications and nuances of the "Alford Plea." If you cannot understand, because you are illiterate to the facts, illiterate to our justice system and you have no compassion for any human condition, much less the WM3, and have no empathy for these three children that missed all of their 20's and most of their 30's because they were unduly incarcerated, and you think because they wrote books on their ordeal and befriended rock stars as making them guilty, then you are just an arrogant, just as ignorant as a Neanderthal yourself, just as ignorant as Cro-Magnon, with no conscious.

I will not believe, nor will I argue, nor will I entertain one piece of shat about Misskelley's false confession, directly or indirectly, because of the coercive nature of that confession. If you think his false confession is credible to his guilt, then you are an imbecile, and dumber than he is.

Also, do you think Sir Riordan gave the WM3's walking papers lightly? The only conceivable explanation for WM3 walking, is that Sir Riordan, the prosecution, KNEW they no longer had a case when the Supremes REQUIRED ALL EVIDENCE be now on the table, per order of the Supremes. Sir Riordan knew he didn't have a case and knew a law suit was at risk, and he wisely offered the "Alford, or Hobson Plea." If the WM3 declined, they stood to spend at least another 3 years of imprisonment, when all the stops were now on the table, not guilty was a foregone conclusion of the WM3. IF YOU CONTINUE TO BELIEVE THAT THEY ARE STILL GUILTY, THEN YOU ARE FORCED TO ADMIT THAT SIR RIORDAN IN HIS PROFESSIONAL DECISION, UNCONSCIONABLY LET THOSE WM3 BABY KILLERS WALK. What kind of monster is Sir Riordan to let those murderers walk? YOU CAN'T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS.

So you want to extraneously drag god into this conversation like your sheep buddies before you and Jeremiah no less. Well here is another Jeremiah quote from your bible, from your God, "The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?" Jeremiah 17:9 This is what I think about your ostensible god practicing, god fearing jestering followers. "Some of my best friends are heathens. Some of my worst enemies go to church."

"Dear Abby, you ignorant slut..." and to quote you earlier, "It is sad that you want to try to ball up, and I am able to take pity at times, which is why I'm going to let you go, AND ALSO NOT READ ANOTHER SINGLE WORD BY YOU, before you fill the thread with more exclamation marks." Why am I not surprised that you recanted and violated your own canon of incommunicado with me"

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Posted by Wyatt Who Dances With Jelly Fish on 08/25/2014 at 4:56 PM

Re: “Only the guilty want closure in West Memphis Three case

Dear Ambassador Mummy,

I am a compassionate person and I am so sorry you that you are so intellectually challenged. I think your brain activity shortcomings has you HOPELESS in understanding English. In all honesty, I am not a "jackass whisperer," so I really can't be of any help to you. I really don't know what else to tell a jackass like you because you seemingly are illiterate, because anything I do tell you, you are just not getting it. Maybe if I write it in capitals, you just might understand. KEEP YOUR LIMEY, WANKER, FAGGOT, DODGY, WILLY GAGGING, RAT ARSED, BUGGER ARSE, CHEEKY MONKEY ARSE, PUNK ARSE COMMENTS ABOUT OUR BUSINESS, AND KEEP THEM IN YOUR DIMINUTIVE, TWITTING MIND AND IN YOUR DIMINUTIVE, QUAINT, PERVERTED ISLAND IN THE NORTH ATLANTIC. WHAT KIND OF AMBASSADOR ARE YOUR? DAMMIT YOU NEED YOUR EARS BOXED AND THEN JUST MAYBE YOU WILL LEARN SOMETHING. I AM NOT HOLDING MY BREATH THOUGH.

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Posted by Wyatt Who Dances With Jelly Fish on 08/22/2014 at 2:52 AM

Re: “Only the guilty want closure in West Memphis Three case

"Whilst composing your quit pro quo Wyatt remember to bookmark your thesaurus, find some matchsticks to open your eyes, a needle and thread to close your mouth and some soap to wash the shit laden hand you should remove from the convict dick-riddled arse...sorry ass of Damien Echols! When you're done, give me a nice big wave across the pond xx" Judging from your seductive advances I want you to know, I am not that kind of guy. However; I will make an exception, as you assume the position. By the time I am done with you, you will need to be medicated. I hope you have some Bayer Arse-ache medicine in your house, because you are going to need it. I will start out delicately in the foreplay, and climax most indelicately. Also before I begin, I am very aware that I insulted you. This would never have happened if you stayed on your side of the pond and kept your opinions on that same side of the pond. You brought on your own embarrassment to yourself, so suck it up and leave this country, and don't forget to take your bullshat opinions with you.

Hay Mummy,

Mummy, as an endnote to your endnote, I don't remember any opinions being solicited from foreign countries in the matter. I am sure you wouldn't want my opinions of your slutty Queen (queuenney don't take it persoanlly) and what she represents from an outsider such as myself. Mummy your contorted opinions can't possibly appreciate the nuances, the innate ignorances and the failing refinements of a hypocritical bible belting community as West Memphis. West Memphis and Liverpool have different trailer parks. Not long ago they use to string people up who were dressed in black in West Memphis, until they became ostensibly civilized. I also can't believe, given that you live across the pond, that you can really appreciate our government's arrogance from our own native perspective, as well as Brain and Dear Abby's arrogance, that we live with day to day. i.e. anymore than I could form an opinion and fluently understand the government of your little island across the pond. All I could form would be an outside perspective, but not an informative perspective. Which you on the other hand, have seemingly and ostensibly formed, from our country's laws, with your own laden, self-perceived prejudicial ignorance. People who live in glass houses, on little islands in Europe, should not throw stones, even if it's across the pond.

Admittedly I formed opinions of your country, contorted backdrops, interalia. Do I really have standing to form such opinions of your little island? I can speculate like I did, but not really, no more than you have standing to form opinions of our country's dirty laundry. I just responded with "Who the hell do you think you are?" In my last, I formed very intelligent arguments in the matter anyways, making it difficult to articulate or dispute intelligently. To those prejudiced and ignorant arguments, to the likes of Brain, Dear Abby and now I guess I have to add you to the list, are not reasonable, but prejudicially inflammatory, and hatefully rhetorical, lacking any reality, any substantive opinions, or verifiable, intelligent arguments.

It is obvious to me that you are of the British version specimen, known as cloakia in this country, it is a cockroach with a vagina, and pancake nipples, that suffers from PMS, Psychotic Mood Shift.

First you should know "what" you are dealing with. I have keen sensibilities, I am reasonably critical, I am arguably intelligent, I am transparently truthful, I can read bullshat fluently, especially "limey" bullshat. I am predisposed to insanity, I take psychotropic medications. and I am noticeably circumcised because my dick is so big, it wouldn't even fit in Dear Abby's mouth.

And now I begin with what you begin, "To begin with, my comparison to the James Bulger case..." You fooking idiot. You are dumber than a bag of Dear Abbys and Brains. I told you it was irrelevant. If you are going to make that exclusive case a comparable case, then you are going to have to introduce every "kid on kid" murder in the world as just as relevant, especially when most if not all have similar scripts of "all are child murders (dahh), which were torturous in nature (Dahh again), committed in crime scenes of relative privacy (double dahh as most any murders are not committed in public you fooking idiot, except of course if you live 200 miles away from WM, and you are a cop from Ferguson Missouri, where the cops murder unarmed children and you probably think the cop was justified in that case.)" There are too many sharp differences that I have explained already. Three quarters of your responding manifesto is on the Bulger reciprocity. Keep the gosh damn case on your little island, and don't share anymore gruesome, horrific details with us anymore. We don't care. The WM3 is way gruesome enough than having you introduce foreign atrocities of your country's corresponding inherent profile.

And you say, "were escalatory in nature of cruelty" Give me a fooking break. Any fooking murder is "escalatory in nature of cruelty." And you mindlessly add, "that in itself warrants comparison." Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah!!!

The rest of your manifesto is wasteful repetitiveness, unintelligent arguments, or just plain inconsequential.

Are you sure you not related to "Dear Abby," and changed your name. You have the same style of ignorance, especially in your overuse of adjectives and out of context adjectives. "QUIT pro quo!" What does that mean. It must mean if you quit responding to me then I will quit responding to you. That's a fair deal. This country we have "Quid pro quo," or something for something; favor for favor. Whatever the "pro quo," you ignorantly used it way out of any intelligent context.

"Profiling" is just a bunch of horse shat that can never be used in trial in this country. It is pretty much a tool in solving cases, not convicting case you fooking idiot. I would not doubt that you people on that little island of yours, convict accused on profiling alone. "Your majesty, he met the profile, so he's guilty."

There is a judicial dichotomy between our 2 countries that is vastly different, and more reason that you don't belong dragging the horrific "Bulger" case across the pond. Your laws are never officially codified and seem to be ruled on precedent or more accurately you make up laws as you go along. Ours are codified, by statutes and are under scrutiny of the state and federal Supreme Courts with respect to our US Constitution, none as "The Law of The Land." The Arkansas Supremes, all having graduate degrees in law, reviewed the matter, which I already mentioned, and found unanimously, constitutional flaws with the case, and consequently sent it back to the trial court for a new hearing. As far as I can see, anyone who is accused of a crime on the little island you live on, they are fooked on the that little island community of yours, with very little recourse of appeal. I also found in your country, over 95 percent of criminal cases are tried in lower courts by part-time, unpaid judges who are not certified to practice law. Only the most serious cases are tried before a professional judge. Again the accused on your little island is fooked again, being tried and judged by illiterates. In our country, almost every court, the judge has a law degree. In our country, criminal cases are given priority to ensure that Constitutional rights are preserved. Your little island has no written constitution at all and the accused is fooked again. So you want make a valid comparison to be made of the Bulger bullshat case, when for starters you have a flawed and very different system of justice from ours from the get go. Leave that crappy case on your own little island and don't try to sell that garbage over here. Nothing consequential of what you have to say compares in the matter, or otherwise is credible, or has any validity, because of all the differences of the case in general that I already mentioned and the system of justice over here, versus the system of injustice in your country.

OH... And you are dragging in "Aleister Crowley" into this bullshat conversation. Well I'm dragging in Malcolm X, " I'm for truth, no matter who tells it. I'm for justice, no matter who it's for or against."

To continue with the extraneous and inconsequential, here is one of my own personal quotes, because this quote is part of a definition of me, and why I raise so much hell with liars and ignorance. "TRUTH! There is nothing higher in this world than truth. Truth is higher than love. Without truth there is no love. Truth rules everything, without it there is nothing." ~ Deep Throats by Wyatt Handey (my pen name)

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Posted by Wyatt Who Dances With Jelly Fish on 08/22/2014 at 12:19 AM

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