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Re: “State Police to put 24 'low profile' cars on the highway to nab violators

Stupid idea. Some drivers would be reluctant to pull over if flashed by these plain-clothes cars. Anybody remember the 1996 blue-light rapist? Unmarked police cars give crooks another tool.

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Posted by YossarianMinderbinder on 08/14/2013 at 10:10 AM

Re: “The million dollar open line

Thanx Larry, I think. Stolen from where? 'Cause I'd like to know how I plagiarized something I don't remember seeing anyplace else.

It remains that we have blinded ourselves with hyper-patriotism and fail to see that we have rejected our ideals and have become the evil empire.

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Posted by YossarianMinderbinder on 08/14/2013 at 6:41 AM

Re: “The million dollar open line

If Klaatu were to appear today, how would you present a case to prevent the destruction of this country when the evidence has shown:

We initiate wars to protect profits with the bodies of our young;
We do nothing to stop rampant sexual abuse of the military people who are protecting us;
We throw veterans onto a scrap heap;
Our history of overthrowing democratically elected societies and installation of dictatorships;
Our turning a blind eye to racial, sexual, and economic slavery and discrimination;
Our support of efforts to imprison, torture, and kill dissidents domestically and in other countries;
Our corrupt financial system makes profits, without consequence, while destroying homes, retirement, and impoverishing millions;
We continually denigrate women and minorities;
Our government-sanctioned genocide of native inhabitants;
We are the primary developer and seller of weapons;
We imprison more people than any other nation;
Our justice system is unjust;
Our government is owned by financial interests, not the people;
We have a pernicious continuing ingrained history of discrimination;
We violate the privacy of all earth's citizens and punish those who reveal it;
We allow the poisoning of our environment as long as it profits the people who own the government;
We trample free speech in the name of freedom;
We condone the repeated efforts to deny food, shelter, health to our people;
We ignore the depletion of our limited resources and the deleterious permanent effect on the planet;
The purported values of this country are a lie.

How would we possibly make a case for the defense? We are far beyond the point of a plea bargain. Unless you're a sociopath - a Republican -, the history and continuing actions of this country is deplorable.
In our popular media, a movie depicting one person standing up against tyranny is assured box office success. But we never translate it into reality.

It is ironic that our most popular icons, real and fictional - George Washington, Luke Skywalker, Nelson Mandela, Samuel Adams, for example - fought against oppressive regimes, but we submissively accept the lies of a corrupt government and do nothing. Next time you see a movie where the hero is making a blow against the empire, ask yourself why you are not.

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Posted by YossarianMinderbinder on 08/13/2013 at 9:44 PM

Re: “UPDATE: Clarksville schools 'standing down' for now on arming staff

eL, If you actually read what I wrote, you'd see I was offering constructive criticism. In a way, that's not unlike some nabobs of negativity who discussed their difficulty in trying to subscribe. ;)

If AT wants to keep the paywall system and survive as a vibrant blog community, the glitches need to be identified and addressed.
"So, if you spent 30 min a day doing paid online work you would have a year's subscription fee in no time flat."
Thank you, eL, I was wondering who wrote those get-rich-quick spams in my email account.

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Posted by YossarianMinderbinder on 08/02/2013 at 7:10 PM

Re: “UPDATE: Clarksville schools 'standing down' for now on arming staff

Long a tool against homeowners, some municipalities are anticipating using eminent domain to help people keep their homes. Many people with "underwater" mortgages (mortgages where they owe more than what the home is valued) are at risk of losing their homes.

To stave off foreclosures, the city would buy up mortgages where loan balance exceeds the underlying property value. The city would use eminent domain to force discounted sales of the notes by threatening to condemn them if loan servicers refuse to sell.

All types of property, not just land and buildings, are subject to eminent domain if the government can show it is needed to promote the public good, in this case fighting blight and keeping communities intact. Railroad stocks, private bus companies, sports teams and even some mortgages have been subject to eminent domain.

Of course the usual suspects - Wall Street, real estate firms - vigorously oppose this and are pressuring federal regulators and politicians to outlaw this application of eminent domain. (In this case, the business community unsurprisingly has decided that regulations are good for business.)

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Posted by YossarianMinderbinder on 08/02/2013 at 5:59 PM

Re: “UPDATE: Clarksville schools 'standing down' for now on arming staff

As the self-appointed test-drive dummy for AT's tollroad system, here's some more findings. Glitches could discourage potential new subscribers and casual viewers.

Upon the launch of any new system, there's a shakedown cruise period, where minor problems are discovered. A couple of glitches in the AT paywall counting system make it click roulette, with warnings randomly appearing:
+ I mentioned last night that at the top of each thread (when you're viewing each individual thread) there's a place to click to go forward or back. Usually the option to go to the very first topic on the blog is missing, requiring a restart of the blog to get to it.
+ Occasionally, but not always, when you click that forward or back option, you'll get the oversized nag screen, telling you to subscribe or else, rather than a smooth transition to the next topic.
+ Some of the items in the "most recent comments" box initiate the nag screen, others don't.
+ Is there an onscreen counter that allows a viewer to know how many clicks are left before your individual AT apocalypse?

Posted by YossarianMinderbinder on 08/02/2013 at 5:54 PM

Re: “The new era open line

As expected, Republicans, led by their own Bill Sykes - Eric Cantor - are preparing their own version of the food stamp law. As devotees of historical fiction, they plan to recreate a Dickensian America, with the poor toiling in workhouses for a daily crust of wormy bread.

They are trying to save the U.S. budget so that the truly deserving - admirals of industry and Wall Street aristocrats - get reduced taxes and lucrative profits. In order to do that, the pesky 47% of Americans that disgust Romney will have to give up their indolent profligate food stamp lifestyle.

For example, currently the law exempts mothers with children under 6 years old from work requirements - the new proposal by the family values bunch wants to reduce that to 1 year old. It doesn't matter if a person lives in an area of chronically-high unemployment - no work, no food. These christian incentives should inspire the poor to be innovative job creators - as long as they don't try to compete with the ruling class.

Posted by YossarianMinderbinder on 08/01/2013 at 11:18 PM

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